What are journalists missing when it comes to Medal of Honor Warfighter?

Michael Cromwell writes "If, like me, you enjoyed EA’s new Medal of Honor Warfighter, but understand various criticisms thrown its way, you’re probably wondering why reviewers across the board are slamming it to hell."

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Welshy1820d ago

Extremely well written, honest, to the point piece.

This guy hits the nail right on the head, we need more of this sites stuff on N4G's top pages.

Just as my faith in gaming journalism was waning =)

StanLee1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

He's entitled to his opinion but he's in the minority. Medal of Honor's biggest problem is expectations. It doesn't have the polish or originality of it's competitors and where it innovates, it's half-a**ed. He mentions the fire-team system as an innovation but it's so poorly implemented, it's simply a hurdle. The game simply feels unfinished. Gaming journalists have reached a consensus, so it's not like it's a handful of journalists who shares the same opinion of the game. The user reviews as well across the board has been negative. Again, he's entitled to his opinion but to try to make a case that media journalists are missing something is silly since gamers have spoken as well.

@ killerhog . . . . Call of Duty iterates. What Call of Duty 4 accomplished were a number of innovations in the genre that many other games have since aped. Calling a Call of Duty iteration unoriginal because it's too much like it's predecessor is like calling a kid out for looking too much like his father, it's just silly. Listen, even EA conceded to how crap the game was so why argue with the people who published the game. They knew it was crap and they tried to brace themselves and gamers for the negative feedback that was expected. Why do you think review copies weren't sent to journalists until after the game's release?!

killerhog1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Doesn't explain why cod after 4, gets perfect scores although buggy, glitchy, laggy and unoriginal as well. We will see when cod black ops 2 releases if journalist are missing something (professionalism) or just bias unprofessional tools.

A kid looking like his dad is nothing like a game recycling environments, having the same problems/exploits as its predecessor and stories that have been done many times before. People say I look like my dad but at times we share different views and have different hobbies. Also no human being can look alike except for identical twins which has been proving can be totally different in everything else (one being finger prints).

Welshy1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Having read your comment, you have completely missed the point of the article to the extent i don't think you even read it properly.

jadenkorri1820d ago

the story was sub par and I felt the driving level was excruciating painful to play. The game felt unfinished and the driving was just not needed. I came to play a shooter, not a driving sim. The multiplayer was great for the first few days, but once people unlocked the better weapons, its so one sided and against new players.

Jinkies1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )


Well said, when Black Ops 2 comes around I'm going to compare some of the reviews with MOH and I bet any money some of the negative points listed for MOH will be ignored while reviewing BO2. Not saying MOH is a good game it just does what most average FPS do today. It's differnt if I was comparing it to Halo 4 since Halo 4 looks like it's been well crafted and thought out to developer a fresh experience.


"It doesn't have the polish or originality of it's competitors and where it innovates, it's half-a**ed."

Does most FPS today have any orginality or innovation. It's really how you develop them in my opinion, I'd rather play Killzone , Resistance , Half life or Halo then play Call of Duty or Medal of Honour

killerhog1820d ago

Wanted to add his onoriginal post.

So with that said, call of duty still has room to improve but hasn't since 4. Also what you called innovation that cod accomplished in 4, is debatable as other games did it as well. (Killstreaks = abilities), the game types most popular in cod are tdm and fra and thats beend done, nothing new. Its just that cod became mainstream.

Bumpmapping1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Well said,also lets not forget the fact EA is the biggest offender of annual releases,one of the so called major beef from COD haters.

@jinkies/Theres nothing wrong with borrowing from other games long as it is well done and not some half ass thrown in thing.The difference is that MOH is a carbon copy and a poor one at that gets nothing right.

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grayfoxx8811820d ago

I played the multiplayer last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The game is by no means perfect, but I think most reviews are too harsh. Ordered it on Amazon, so it should be here by the weekend. Also need a competent buddy for PS3!!!

bloodybutcher1820d ago

dsmn,i was gonna give you my psnid but then i read "competent".damn it!:D

Ultraplayerxp1820d ago

I'm up for it!

Add me up: juxtapose9295 :)

KingKevo1820d ago

The article is well done an interesting to read, but it is just not my opinion. But it's good to see other peoples opinion on that hot topic. I just want to say once thing, yes, MoH does what other games like CoD do too, but they still get a worse score. The point here is not that they do it, but how they do it and how well it is made and MoH is totally lacking any form of quality in that matter. But we could go on forever ranting about or defending MoH.

Skynetone1820d ago

Look at this footage and make up your own mind

strong language from the start!!!!!!!

kma2k1820d ago

I played the campaign this weekend, the best way i can sum it up is i kept finding something else to do instead of playing through, it just wasnt holding my interest.

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