Need for Speed: Most Wanted Supports Prop 130 To Raise The Speed Limit To 130 MPH

With Need For Speed: Most Wanted coming to the PS3 and PS Vita tomorrow (check back very soon for our full review), the makers of the game have come out in full support of Proposition 130, a bill to increase the speed limit to 130 mph.

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bumnut2155d ago

Not really, in Germany they have no speed limit on some roads. They even have banked corners :)

In the UK most people are dangerous enough at 70 mph (our current limit) im guessing America is the same!

165 mph is my record, very scary!

Knushwood Butt2155d ago

'In the UK most people are dangerous enough at 70 mph'


SilentNegotiator2155d ago

I knew that. And I think it's psychotic.

hongthay2155d ago

Depends on where it is at. I think it should not be an immediate jump to 130, perhaps raising the limit by 5mph a year, or something similar.

That speed would only be on interstates in the US anyway, and is perfectly fine for the midwestern states, I think. Besides, even in the bigger cities, they like to keep traffic flowing. I don't know how many times I have been driving on the Ring around Atlanta doing speeds near that, along with everyone else.

Granted, Americans are not used to that speed in most areas, so it needs to be a gradual increase, not an instant near doubling of the current speed limit. Cars brakes are much better these days, and with the advent of lane departure warning and passive radar, it is going to be even safer to drive on interstates.

As bumnut, mentioned, Germany has no speed limit on most parts of the Autobahn, their interstate, pretty much. Also, in the US, Montana interstates have no speed limit.

spartan112g2155d ago

I'm down with that. I drive hella fast anyway. haha

imXify2155d ago

WTF ? You can evade in like 2 seconds ?

Sucitta2155d ago

how can you trust the zombie trash consumer sloths that text eat and drive at 130 now,?

how bout we restrict voting and driving to intelligent people first no?

what happened to common sense?

ECM0NEY2155d ago

I would so vote yes if this was real.