Wal-Mart Trims HD DVD Player Lineup

Wal-Mart has begun phasing out two of its three HD DVD players that have been offered in stores and through its website in past months.

Industry sources told TG Daily that Wal-Mart is phasing out the RCA HDV5000 as well as the Venturer SHD7000 models. The RCA player has been offered exclusively in stores for initially $399, was then reduced to $299 and is currently sold on the clearance rack for $148. The Venturer device is available online and carries a clearance price of $167, down from $199.98.

Store employees from three different Wal-Mart locations in the Chicago area confirmed that the stores will not be restocking these models.

However, the company apparently plans to keep one Toshiba player in its lineup for "at least 4 months", we heard. The HD-A3 player is currently sold in stores for $148.

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pwnsause3723d ago

well it looks like wal-mart is siding with Blu-Ray as well, and you know whatever Wal-Mart sells, wins.

sonarus3723d ago

tisk tisk. i remember when the hd-dvd faithfuls said oh walmart dropped hd-dvd prices to $99 and they all rushed out to buy. funny how things can change in a couple of months. hd-dvd demise is undisputed now

niall773723d ago

... my only friend the end.

resistance1003723d ago

...and another one goes and another goes and another bites the dust

ichimaru3723d ago

leeese end the war and these stories. the iraqi war has a better chance

JVIDICAN3723d ago

non-related: it would be f'ing halarious if they decided to make video games on vhs(imposible i know but still would of been halarious putting those big ass things into a counsil

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