Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken Review - Glitch Cat

Glitch Cat - I didn’t have a chance to try out the game’s multiplayer since it’s a wholly local affair and I had no friends who bought the game, but in my research I found that it’s essentially just a co-op campaign. You’re allowed to pick different characters outside of Rocketbird — a name I will never not find funny while typing — and then dropped in to the main story. Each character has different strengths and weaknesses, and, again, the game requires local play to access all of this content so hopefully you’ll convince a friend to pick the title up at the same time. I know I didn’t have many complaints about the game itself while playing — and the complaints I did have were petty, like the not being able to jump and shoot thing — so I recommend the title on that alone. It’s a solid, entertaining action side-scroller, and I genuinely hope the company can make another one in the future.

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