The Last of Us – Pittsburgh Buildings Located

Several people speculated that the yellow bridge featured in the city sections of The Last of Us was one of the many bridges of Pittsburgh. We did a little remote scouting and uncovered the exact buildings featured in one of the main screenshots.

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DigitalRaptor1341d ago

Nice analysis. Can't wait to visit these locations.

Cam9771341d ago

Neither can I. Moreover, I can't wait to play the game!

violents1341d ago

That's cool, i dont really see the point but cool i guess.

DivineAssault 1341d ago

Though 1st party games might not be too strong this holiday, there is some to look forward too.. Starting January exclusives & mulitplats will be coming in like crazy.. Then the birth of the PS4 will be at hand.. Vita is getting games left n right while PS3 will be going out in style..

BitbyDeath1341d ago

Can't wait for the PS4, only one more year to go!

JKelloggs1340d ago

One year? Any VALID information? No? Move on...

BitbyDeath1340d ago

How many games do you know of that are releasing in the 2nd half of next year? Try name 1.

That is your answer, we usually know of quite a few by now, but so far there are none.

beerkeg1341d ago

Every comment from you reads like a last testament from a dying man.

violents1341d ago

Why does everyone keep saying the ps3 is on its way out? The ps4 hasnt even officially been announced yet and if they do anything like they did with ps2 to ps3 than the ps3 will have support for years to come. So even if we are close to the next gen there is no reason to think that ps3s are going to be done any time soon.

ab5olut10n1341d ago

Why did I already think this was set in Pittsburgh?

beerkeg1341d ago

Because you live in Pittsburgh and it seemed familiar?

Bathyj1341d ago

I thought it was already well established that they travelled through Pittsburgh. Or was that just speculation?

ab5olut10n1340d ago

i don't know, was pittsburgh mentioned before?

Bathyj1340d ago

Yeah, pretty sure it was. They mentioned that bridge the first time we saw it. I think its near the start of the game.