Grab these PS Vita shooters for the low price of $15 right now

GameFly is currently selling Resistance: Burning Skies and Unit 13 for $14.99 on the Vita. Pretty good price for some shooting on the go. Will you give these two Vita games a look at this price?

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KaiPow1641d ago

Not really a big deal, but you might want to note that the games are used.

Gamefly titles always ship with a pristine box/manual/online code but the game disc/carts themselves may be refurbished or resurfaced.

remanutd551641d ago

I would wait for psvita plus instant game collection before buying either of those games, i have a feeling one of them will be part of the IGC.

sdozzo1641d ago

They know call of duty is coming. Good or bad people will buy it just to see what it's all about.

teedogg801640d ago

Yeah people that don't have it should jump on this deal. The coop is pretty fun.