Top 5 PS Vita Games to Play During Hurricane Sandy

Your power’s out, your PS3 shuts off; what do you do? Simple. Make sure your Vita is charged, and run through some games you may have missed out on! Check out iGo Gaming’s top 5 list of games to play during Hurricane Sandy.

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darthv721852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

you get the hell outta there. That's what you should be doing when a hurricane is bearing down on you.

In all honesty, this has to be one of the most original reasons behind a "top" list I have seen. It's as funny as Rick springfields new album: songs for the end of the world.

dont believe me??? here is the link:

dboi7871852d ago

Thanks, really appreciate it! :D Approve would be appreciated as well, glad you enjoyed the read.

Derekvinyard131852d ago

good list, retro city rampage to!

dboi7871852d ago

Yeah I should have done a runner up list. That, Dokuro and DJMax were also in my mind. Glad you liked it though!

guitarded771852d ago

How you gonna play the PSASBR when the internets are down?

remanutd551852d ago

I live in NYC and i have been playing Resistance Burning Skies, Little Big Planet and Playstation All Stars beta since yesterday.

dboi7871852d ago

Good choices, though I wasn't a fan of Burning Skies. Fan of Resistance though, so props to ya! Stay safe

remanutd551852d ago

it has gotten better after the last update, i've been having a blast playing with my nephew online.

nrvalleytime1852d ago

Be safe man. Resistance: Burning Skies seems an appropriate title for what you're about to go through.

Aceman181852d ago

been playing BL2 with brother, and friends here in NYC.

Jinkies1852d ago

Why don't you just watch Spongebob


MattyG1852d ago

Up in Maine, hoping my vita finishes charging by the time the power goes out! If not there's always my (less loved) 3DS.

TENTONGUN1852d ago

thats sad. people suffer, the new york stock exchange comes to a stand still. possibly as well as the world economic trade. go play your vita i guess. god bless those people up north. praying for yall

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The story is too old to be commented.