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Dream Club's English trailer is quite a sight to behold

D3 Publisher has released an actual English trailer for Dream Club Complete Edipyon! and Dream Club Zero Complete Edipyon!. (Dream Club Complete Edipyon, Dream Club Zero, PS3)

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Snookies12  +   882d ago
What in god's name did I just watch......?
boybato  +   882d ago
i bet you finished it though hoping for some tities. ;p
HarvesterOSarow  +   882d ago
That was seriously the worst thing I've seen since the Black Ops II trailer. Can't deny the charm of Nonono though...?
LinkageAX  +   882d ago
Does this remind anyone of the aSOS brigade?
masterabbott  +   882d ago
yes it does for me!
MacDonagh  +   882d ago
Nope. Too much otaku.
cleft5  +   882d ago
Ugh is this what Japanese publishers think of American people that like their games because this is just sad.

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