Is Nintendo Seeking Out Hardcore Gamers For the Wii U?

The Wii U may not just be for casual gamers. Prima Games looks at evidence indicating that Nintendo could be going hardcore again.

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browngamer412088d ago

Looks at evidence? They make it sound like they just unearthed some major secret-Nintendo has only been saying(and showing)this fact since the system was announced, glad you guys could keep up:)

darthv722088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

would be:

Wii-u is to SNES as Wii is to NES.

Despite their "kid friendly" approach to gaming. they have always been about creating platforms of entertainment. that should be no different here.

Sony, MS and even Sega have all done the same thing and have basically done them after Nintendo so that should mean something.

Hatsune-Miku2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Nintendo is seeking out anyone to buy their console but they won't have the support like Sony does for the core gamers.

@ mika

It's quite sad that your opinion which is based off of logic is voted down with mass disagrees but it goes to show that the people voting you down don't care about logic based off of facts.

Core gamers make up majority of the gaming industry revenue stream and they should be catered to the most. Sony is number 1 in doing so then Microsoft with Nintendo in last. All one would have to do is look at the genre of titles and the quantities of titles released for the systems.

Nintendo Wii u won't cater to the core like Sony PlayStation or Microsoft because they haven't been doing so for years. Nintendo fanatics are fine with the usual 5 Nintendo franchises, Mario, Zelda, metroid, pokemon, starfox. PlayStation has too many to list . To think Nintendo will cater to the core because they'll have a bunch of ported games from the ps3 and xbox is silly. The Wii u will have core games but not in abundance like Sony. Not even close

I know a lot of people buying the Wii u are interested in zombie u but if that game was released for the xbox and ps3 in its current state would fail due to its generic gameplay and dated tech. look at the last of us which seems like a generation above the tech of zombie u. Nintendo fanatics are settling like always and apologizing for Nintendos silly decisions and games. All games on the Wii u should be above ps3 and xbox standard games and shoyldnt look worst. Nintendo fans love to spin and make excuses. They don't demand quality. Remember the revolutionary wiimote, why isn't it the default controller on the Wii u? Wii u is a gimmick. Play batman, zombie u, rayman and a few other games and you'll quickly realize what a true gimmick the Wii u pad is with the constant looking at the screen and then the teli

-Mika-2088d ago

Ya obviously but the hardcore lost all faith in nintendo with the wii,GC and n64. Sony and MS on the other hand have the complete trust of core gamers. If you buy any sony or ms console, you know you're getting a traditional and core experience that constantly improving. Nintendo on the other hand is just too kid friendly. They add too many restriction to their products and that makes it a huge turn-off to the core.

darthv722088d ago

i couldnt help but chuckle at a few times.

Im also glad you dont represent the majority of hardcore gamers. Hardcore gamers enjoy gaming, no matter the platform.

Its why we got into this business/hobby/lifestyle in the first place.

There is entertainment value in every game. You just have to know how to see it.

GraveLord2088d ago

Of course they want them to get a Wii U, but we won't.
If I get a Wii U it would be for the next-gen Smash Bros or Zelda, not for Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed. I have a PS3 for that.

ozzywazzy2087d ago

What's up with all the disagrees? This is The truth! People who lost interest in the wii will not buy the wii u for call of duty or multiplats that are commonly associated with the other systems. It will be the new IPs and Zelda's, ssmb, metroids etc that will sell the system to disillusioned ex Nintendo supporters.

Stop fanboyism and get real.

Ck1x2088d ago

What's funny to me is the segregated minds of these people that call themselves "The hardcore gamer". It reminds me of a Skype call that a member of this site, "Shok" had with someone he was debating... Shok goes on to ask this person in question, define what makes a game hardcore? I kid you not when the guy goes on to say that to be classified as hardcore, it has to have 3 requirements.
1) Be realistic
2) Have guns
3) Blood and death in the game
So every article that pops up with you fanatics screaming it has to be hardcore, hardcore! This is the kind of simplistic thinking that comes to mind from this group...

millzy1022088d ago

when did all this hardcore gamer shit start. I remember when you where ether a gamer or not. one mate had a Sega one mate had a Nintendo and another mate had a ps and no one would argue which ones where best apart from the old sonic vs Mario conversations. now if you don't play fps your not hardcore. I play and own all the consoles (including handhelds because phone gaming is rubbish)
because they all offer something different. Nintendo didn't forget the hardcore, the hardcore forgot Nintendo.

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