Saying Our Last Goodbyes: The Top 30 Wii Games

Nintendo Enthusiast sums up the entire lifespan of the Wii with the Top 30 Games on the system.

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dboi7872153d ago

Never owned a Wii, but I would always go to my cousin's to play most of the games listed here actually.

darthv722153d ago

did people suddenly forget the wii-u can play all these games?

i understand these lists but to imply that "saying the last goodbye" means that once the wii run is over, so are the games is...crazy.

Wii-u will have a boat load of games to play. Wii and wii-u alike. Same with the PS2 had a ton of games to play when it launched. PS1 and PS2 titles.

I know some will say you dont buy a new system to play old games but guess what. a game is a game and if it can be played on that new system then so be it.

It would really surprise me if sales on existing wii games didnt sell even after the wii-u launched. The wii hardware may drop off but the games will sell to those who bought a wii-u and wanted to play some of the wii's best.

So for me, it isnt about saying goodbye but saying hello to their new home on the wii-u.

omarzy2153d ago

Good list. Why do people hate the Wii when you have lists like this?

Pillsbury12153d ago

It's isn't goodbye as the wii u is backwards compatible it's saying " I'll hit you up when I need a booty call of nostalgia" ;)