Naruto Storm 3 – Will of Fire, True Despair Edition

Europe will have the choice between two limited editions of Naruto Storm 3.

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tayz2152d ago

*cry* europe is too lucky. but those prices are crazy high for just like a few extra things

Yi-Long2152d ago

... the cover-artwork and poster both look pretty mediocre, sadly.

Also a shame the Goku costume will be exclusive.

I'll be in hong kong all next year, so I'll have to wait and see what stuff comes with that release.

-Mika-2152d ago

Sasuke statute looks awful. He looks way too friendly and it just doesn't suit his character,

ZeroChaos2151d ago

wait a goddamn minute. ON amazon its 56 pounds but on Zavvi its 74 pounds?

What the hell in price difference.

tayz2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

you are paying for the UCHIHA name! kind of like buying nike vs wal-mart brand

Sarobi2151d ago

I would of liked the despair figure to be Tobi

HeroLv92151d ago

Loved Ultimate ninja storm 2! i felt it did the anime justice and on some part even better than the anime! so im definitely looking forward to Storm 3!