Gears of War Creator Update: Slams 'Insular' Game Developers, Puts Consoles As Epic's Priority #1

What do you talk about with Gears Of War lead creator Cliff Bleszinski when he's got nothing official to announce?

You talk about life, as he and MTV Multiplayer's Stephen Totilo did last week at the DICE gaming summit in Las Vegas.

And you learn something(s).

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M337ING3749d ago

If you shove a graphical remake of a 2004 game down our throats, no one's going to like that. So, Epic, the consoles can keep Gears of War 6 and Unreal Tournament 27, we'll be having fun with some real innovative games like Spore and Crysis.

BloodySinner3749d ago

Crysis isn't even close to innovative. The only thing it pushed was graphics, nothing else.

I think you're just a tad upset because PC gaming isn't so great anymore. Aside that point, the reason Epic (and many other developers) are focusing on consoles is because most of their revenue (a BIG chunk of it, mind you) is from consoles and not the PC.

niall773749d ago

what do you think was gonna happen with people downloading PC games by the millions.

M337ING3749d ago

Explain how Crysis, the most demanding game on the planet, has already outsold a million copies. Or how Steam's online sales went up more than 150% last year. PC gamers aren't disappearing, we just don't want redone old games.

v1c1ous3749d ago

it sold a million. that's nice.

but a million copies is nothing compared to 4+ mill on a console.

and that's what cliffy B is trying to get at. as a businessman, and that's what allows videogames to be created "business", you gotta think about economics.

crysis was nice to get 1 million. but name another PC game as hyped as crysis in the past year that has sold 1 million plus? name 2? 3?

try naming some that wasn't a sim/World of Warcraft?

see where i'm going?

BloodySinner3749d ago

Please show us those Crysis numbers.

M337ING3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

A million as of two weeks ago:

The Witcher sold more than a million in its first month:

C&C 3 sold more than a million on the PC in its first month, WOW sold over 2.2 million retail copies on its FIRST day.
Steam sales are up over 158%

Ubisoft is developing Far Cry 2 with the PC as the lead platform, the PC version of Assassin's Creed has added content, and Bioware's putting an enhanced version of Mass Effect not even half a year after the 360 release.

What other evidence do you guys want?

Stop looking US NPD numbers as the be-all, end-all stats of PC gaming. America is to the PC as Japan is the 360. Oh, Halo 3 sold like crap in Japan, Microsoft's losing the console war! See where I'm going?

PC gaming is much stronger in countries like Germany and Poland, they often outsell console blockbusters like Halo 3 since they're different markets.

Please, do a little research before making such a baseless claim next time.

okcomputer3749d ago

^^ pwned.. viva the pc!!

Charlie26883749d ago

OUCH! looks like M337ING just pwned someone XD

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kewlkat0073749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

seeing how Gears of War did on there. I just can't say the same for UT3 on the PS3 yet...EPIC got bonus checks form Gears and Cliffy had quite the year with that Unreal Engine poping up in every game. Even Square-E took the plunge.

kewlkat0073749d ago

Gears of War 2 ...sheesh lol

TheIneffableBob3749d ago

Mr. Bleszinski, your title Unreal Tournament 3 would've sold a lot more copies if it wasn't simply a rehash of your older games with new graphics but fewer game modes. (No Assault mode? WTF?)

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