MP1st - PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Preview – PlayStation Fan’s Dream Come True?

MP1st - When the PlayStation 2 dropped back in 2000, the number one title that I and many others wanted Sony to create was one just like Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series. Sony has always had a huge arsenal of characters, so it made perfect sense for them to go out and create something of the sort. The announcement of such title only occurred just under a year ago, and with it, brought many high hopes for Sony fans around the world.

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Sithlord-Gamble1998d ago

I agree with everything the author said.
I went into it with low expectations, but just like the author, ive been playing the beta nonstop. It really is a fun game.

This went from a "wait & see" to a day one purchase for me.

I cant wait to try out the rest of the roster once this game gets released.

Thx Sony for another great exclusive!

Snookies121998d ago

Yeah, when I first heard a "Smash Bros." for PS3. I was so excited. Then after it was announced I slowly lost interest up till the beta rolled around. I saw videos and it didn't impress me, so I was really unsure what to expect going into the beta. However, the very first match hooked me. Since then, playing co-op online with my friends has been a blast. Cannot wait for this game now that I've had a chance to actually try it. :D

Army_of_Darkness1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

However, I still hope they have the old school life meter mode available in the complete game cause I still prefer that more as well as one vs. one to you know, show off your combo skills better;-).

Veneno1998d ago

One vs one is in every other fighting game in existence. If you really need an elaborate combo system and one vs one, theres hundreds of other fighters you could play. Why cant people just let PSABR be its own game?

If it was what you described above, you would then complain that its like every other fighting game.

Caffo011998d ago

1 vs 1 is available in the retail version but i don't know about the life meter

cpayne931998d ago

I would hold back from a day one purchase, black friday is only 3 or 4 days after it comes out.

G-Revolution1998d ago

For those who haven't seen the (1v1. Stock Match) from the LA Beatdown Event against Omar Kendall and Clockw0rk. That one fight should clear up any other concerns people may have.

HeroLv91998d ago

Loved the beta! at first, i just like playing as kratos but then i just started to like every character in the beta when i started to get to know the game better! I cant wait to try out all the characters!

-Alpha1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Great writeup.

The super system creates a really enjoyable meta-game, and the combo system truly is the big star here, as it really brings out a competitive side to compliment the meter managing that's always going on.

Dodging supers, outsmarting opponents, baiting, enemy super tracking, grabbing, there's a whole lot to consider and it's not as simple as it's made out to be. It's really something you begin to appreciate and it's something that comes together when you experience it for yourself.

Biggest disappointment is definitely the final roster, only because of who they lack, as opposed to who they have, but it's something I expect to improve with DLC and sequels. As a first entry, the beta has proven that the mechanics and gameplay is something of its own great etching. It's my most anticipated title for Christmas.

Snookies121998d ago

As much as I don't care for DLC... I REALLY hope there are DLC characters... I want Sora, Riku, Cloud, Sephiroth, Valvatorez, Mao, Spyro, Crash, Dart, Old Snake, argh... Too many characters they NEED to have in this game...

r211998d ago

This guy's got it :D Game is good!

nevin11998d ago

I played 6 beta matches(won 2) and overall, its not bad. But then again, I havent liked this style of games since the original smashbros(1999)

Is it me, or does it seems The AP of Kratos fills up faster than others?

Veneno1998d ago

It's possible that the Kratos you faced is smart and knows which attacks of his build more AP. For instance, I play Sweet tooth, and I recently noticed that his land mines and shotgun blast build alot of AP. So i try now to incorporate those in matches more often.

princejb1341998d ago

Yea kratos is overpowered
His move sets are to beast especially his chain grab where a lot of people like to spam

For the retail version they should really make it so that kratos builds ap slower

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