Rumour: Pandemic's LOTR Will Be Battlefield-Esque

Yesterday Luke brought you news, via Electronic Arts' analyst meeting, that Pandemic was working on a new Lord of the Rings game.

But at the time that's all we knew. Luke opined that maybe it was something tied to their ability to create games like Mercenaries that deal with destruction in a sandbox environment or that, perhaps, it would be a game that, like Star Wars Battlefront, is all about combat and action over large areas. Close, very close, according to our sources.

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unsunghero283722d ago

Well, as a lover of the Battlefield series I find myself both excited and concerned about such a possibility.

Excited because- hell, I love BIG team-based shooters.

Concerned because- well, there are a lot of Battlefield clones and they almost always leave something to be desired.