Silver Haired Devils: Sephiroth

We at Twinfinite noticed that some of the top villains always seemed to share the same characteristics. Tall, confident men with horrific experiences that really could have been a great hero. Instead, their terrible past was something too hard to overcome and these villains took that experience and ran into the darkness with it. They turned into something absolutely horrible.

Silver haired devils. In celebration of Halloween Week, it's time to look at Sephiroth.

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Qrphe2087d ago

>yfw Zalera from FFXII was supposed to represent Sepiroth

MWH2087d ago

Sephiroth sure was at the highest rank of SOLDIER, but he was no devil.

SolDojo2086d ago

True, he may be no devil, but he does have a strong thematic connection to fallen angels, Lucifer as an example.

MWH2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

alright, i can see the relation.

but btw, Lucifer, or whatever name you call him, was/is not an angel.

Pozzle2086d ago

Dunno what you're smoking, segamon. Most Abrahamic religions consider Lucifer to be a fallen angel.