Nexon to allow same-sex marriages in MMO Mabinogi

Weddings have become a popular element Nexon's free-to-play MMO Mabinogi with more than 67,000 in-game unions since the game launched in 2008. All of these unions have been with characters of opposite genders. In a few days, Nexon will be allowing characters of the same gender to marry in the game.

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MWH2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

welcome to the world; were the highs and the lows of humanity, the virtues and the vices has become matters of relativity.

Anon19742035d ago

Cue the gamer rants from those that somehow feel that simply giving the option somehow infringes on their lives in some fashion. Face it. Like any medium, gaming is often a reflection and commentary on societal issues of the day, as are people's responses.

Not particularly in this title, but just in general good stories will often hold up a mirror to real world issues and politics. Just think of how many episodes of the Battlestar Galactica reboot took stories ripped from the headlines regarding the roles of government and military, the social role of the media, torture in war, etc and reframed these topics in a sci-fi setting.

People often say they would prefer to keep current social issues out of gaming but unless you're making a puzzle game the best stories in videogames or otherwise are the ones that are relatable. In a social game like Mabinogi, why would you put a restriction on social unions anyway? This is certainly nothing new with multiple Bioware titles, Fable, Skyrim, The Sims, Fallout - none have shied away from the topic.

But..again...if it doesn't affect you, why would it in any way, shape or form impact the way that you choose to game anymore then if a bunch of Polish gamers decided to get together and form their own gaming club.

ninjahunter2035d ago

._.I really cant see a non retarded argument against this...

Mounce2035d ago

Bible-thumper-army! INCOMING! To tell Nexon how they're promoting sin! RUNNNNN!

On another note, as long as there's more options than what Mass Effect 3 offered....God damn.

Now, will Nexon offer me a cute little fox-male in-game?... Hrmmm....