In-Game XMB: Official Playstation Website Accidentally Confirms?


"The infamous missing in-game Cross Media Bar. Some want it, some don't. But with the sweet news of a possible positive implementation of universal in-game messaging, who's to be upset about that?"


Update: The original webpage can now be viewed as a google cache screenshot, in addition to the messaging paragraph appearing on the Official Australian Playstation Website after the link.

Are Sony mixing up their words and giving us false hope, or is this a positive reveal just before GDC '08?

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Relcom3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

I'm tired of having my heart toyed with ;)

If true, best news since Resistance 2

sonarus3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

well lets hope. Voice chat especially cus sumtimes when i'm playing warhawk i only wanna talk to my friends lol. Regardless of what they add its very welcome. Been a while since ps3 had an update anyway. So if there is in game xmb with actual custom soundtracks...1up and the likes of them will stop using it in their reviews against ps3 so now all that is left is rumble

Relcom3755d ago

I'm hoping. They definately need a mute feature too.

iAmPS33755d ago

Ok, here it goes, straight from Sony HQ:

In game XMB was created in a way that will not use lots of memory or important system resources of your PS3.

The interface will be mainly stored in your hard drive like options/changes/design/coding, occupying close to 13 MB of space for the code/structure/design. When accessed, the dedicated XMB SPU will encode/decode the interface code on the fly changing it's size to 120 kb when loaded on system main memory.

The in game XMB will not consume important system resources and will leave the system intact in terms of performance. The only SPU used is the dedicated XMB SPU that will do all the encoding/decoding and that SPU is not available for games anyway, and 120 kb of memory? that's is a acceptable compromise for such expected feature.

Enjoy the Power of PS3.

May Sony bless you all.

Kleptic3755d ago

IamPS3...while you sound no better than some other extremists...I truely hope you are not lying...

While I did hear rumors that OS optimization for the xmb was underway, of which using 'slow ram' was the key to a very small main ram footprint...the current OS has not been confirmed to be any less than 50mb what exactly is all that doing?...that is still 18mb more than the 360's OS...

if what you said is true...that is soon as the PSN gets this will be next to perfect...

Marceles3755d ago

IamPS3 if you're wrong, you know you're gonna have a million ignores right?

iAmPS33755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

The development team worked with 3 main projects for in game XMB and all of them have little to none impact on the PS3. The most likely to be released is the one I described. The actual sizes may vary, specially the uncompressed size because they are still working on a pre release build. But no matter which one is released, it will work flawlessly, that, I can assure.

The goal on the dev team was to add all functionalities and not cripple the system in any ways, optimization on encoding and processing was only possible in such magnitude because CELL is insane for that, with the right algorithms you can do anything, I mean anything.

We could create "MP3" files as small as 200kB/128kbps

MikeGdaGod3755d ago

or you'll definately be getting alot of ignores

if you're right you're my new best friend ;)

pwnsause3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

IamPS3, you better be right, if you were part of that dev team, can you tell us the different features you can access on it? like custom music voice chat, etc.?? if you are right, Im gonna have to virtually kiss your feet in Home then.

sonarus3755d ago

i dnt believe dis iamps3 guy cus of his name. He's practically begging for attention. What i would like to knw though is, is this in game xmb or jst messaging feature. in other words no custom sound tracks.

Kleptic3755d ago

well he seems to know more about this stuff than the average 'name-dropping' fanboy...

and I did read on the playstation forums about the main goal for OS optimization was utilizing that single dedicated SPU for most in-game features to a much higher degree, by way of HDD caching... (instead of just taking up a significant amount of system RAM to run those features, and still using that SPU, just not to its full potential)...

everything he said sounds legit...and if they are attemtping to get these features running flawlessly, yet with next to zero OS strain during gameplay...that would explain why the feature has taken so much time and development to complete...

but who knows...this is N4G...take every comment with a truck load of salt...

AceLuby3754d ago

I DL'd a preview last night of RE5 and during it I could hit my PS button for 'in movie' XMB. Seems that the basic architecture is there and they would be in the optimizing stage so that it doesn't interfere w/ resources dedicated to the game you are playing.

iAmPS33754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

I know it's a lot of question about the new system, and I am not part of the official team, I was just a support programmer who contributed and helped during the development process. We had to really think outside the box on this one, but I am proud of what we achieved.

I just want you all to know that some people MAY be disappointed with the new feature at a first glance, cause some expectations will not be met, absolutely nothing major in my opinion, but we can't deny XBL is sort of a benchmark for some people. As a huge Sony Fanboy that I am I know for sure the new feature is awesome and will make your PS3 life a lot easier and more fun.

90% chance they go over it on GDC, that's what I was told.

UPDATE: I am a crazy Fanboy, yes I am, I've seen tech demos that the team came up with, that honestly are jaw-dropping-ass-whopping incredible, from my point of view PS3 is a hell of a machine and game devs can (if they want and know how) creat just the amazing.

And By the way, just wait until you see FFXIII running.

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TheHater3755d ago

In game XMB would be amazing. that the best thing I like about Xbox live. It make your gaming life so much easier.

LightningPS33755d ago

Why not hurry the F up? People want this obviously.

pwnsause3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

its obviously comming with PS home. In-Game XMB is needed to do things like checking out trophies, meet with your freinds, listen to custom music, etc. GDC is right around the corner. When Home and in-game xmb hits, everything that XBL had as an advantage over the PS3 will dissolve, with the possibly of the PSN jumping over XBL. that all depends if in-game xmb and home releases this year, the replacement of the PS store. sooner or later sony is going to have to replace the store since they have big plans for it such as a possibility of a movie rental service in the store, More PSN games and of course PS1 classics, and possibly and hopefully PS2 classics with the inclusion of %100 software backwards compatibility, something that sony should of implemented in the first place instead of Hardware BC to save for costs.

rexor07173755d ago

How could home and in-game xmb not be this year? Especially in-game xbm. Its a feature, not something as complicated as home.

pwnsause3755d ago

well one of the problems is possibly how to emulate it like xbl, like when a friend is playing a game and you playing a different game and is inviting you to play the game he is playing online. on xbl, when you accept his invitation, XBL searches for the game that that you asked to play online, and XBL tells you as well to insert the game. thats 1 issue, the other 2 issues is custom music and ram issues. they dont want the system to eat up ram for this feature, correct? that will just make a developers day turn into a nightmare, so they are possibly trying to fix that as well.

THC CELL3755d ago

Feb 18th
we find out what is new to ps3

Maddens Raiders3755d ago

it's only a few days away. Patience is a virtue.