Hawken videos offer tutorial tips and show missile and siege game modes

Battles between huge mechs just isn’t exciting enough now. This is 2012. We’ve all seen a giant robot fight another giant robot, many of us have probably dreamt about it at some point. It’s a bit blasé. Giant robots fighting over even gianter missile silos, however, is cool. Giant robots gathering energy to fuel a colossal battleship so that it can zap a towering enemy base to ashes is even better.[Tom Senior]

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ATi_Elite2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

I know there is a large Community of faithful gamers waiting for Mech-Warrior Online but Hawken is my style of play.

I just like the speed and twitch feel of Hawken versus other Mech Games and the Siege Mode looks like I'll be spending lots of time there as it is set-up to be very very teamwork orientated.

The Basic training video 2 also Highlights some really cool things your Mech can do and displays some very nice graphics of this F2P game.

12-12-12 can't come fast enough!!

DirtyLary2236d ago

I bored of it so fast. Felt nothing more than your run of the mill rat maze shooter. Just mech skins instead of Unreal 2004 skins.

2236d ago