New details emerge for the Wii U launch title Nintendo Land

Nintendo today revealed additional information about Nintendo Land, a game for the new Wii U console that will give players of all ages a fun, immersive way to discover the one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences offered by the system in both single- and multiplayer game play.

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BananaEatingSquid2155d ago

Lol, I remember being so disappointed during E3 when they went on about Nintendo Land instead of announcing a new Donkey Kong game.

RmanX10002155d ago

New DK game? Didnt you get one not even 2 years ago?

BananaEatingSquid2155d ago

Hey, you can never have too much DK! ;)

Moonman2155d ago

F-Zero being an attraction gets me pumped that they are making a sequel for Wii U. :)

drock_2442155d ago

star fox not getting an attraction saddens me.. I still have hope for Star fox wii u though. I would then quickly forgive the nintendo land omission