ESRB rating hints at Arkedo Series on Vita

ESRB hints at Vita version of PS3 indie game collection.

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GribbleGrunger2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

This has been confirmed for quite some time now, or was that the PS3 version?

Note to self: Must read the whole article before making a comment.

'We have no plan at this time for a PS Vita version but, as there appears to be quite a few people interested, we may think about it if the PS3 version is successful enough! Please note that it does not only depend on me though, therefore I can’t make any commitment right now.'

Silly Gribble... (This is going to make disagreeing very difficult)

maskjaq2153d ago

I would buy this immediately if it's available on the Vita. I feel it's the perfect device for arcade games, especially when they look as good as these three games.

Acquiescence2153d ago

Wow, vibrant isn't the word.