Activision 're-writing the rule-book' on marketing with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

GameZone writes, "The 60-second Black Ops 2 trailer, titled "Surprise", was directed by Guy Ritchie and featured big-named actor Robert Downey Jr.. Although Robert Downey Jr. was in the trailer for just a few seconds, it was just an example of the type of investment Activision has in marketing Black Ops 2."

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joab7772090d ago

Havnt they always released live action titles with big names ? And isnt every cod game the best one yet? i have always liked treyarch and it does appear as though it may be the first title in awhile to stretch its legs, but how are they taking a new approach with advertising. Its always been a cultural event.

drizzom2090d ago

They aren't. The website is just grasping at somthing to talk about.

aviator1892090d ago

In my opinion, Halo 4 is "re-writing the rule-book" on video-game marketing.

-90+ minute webseries with strong characters and special effects
-Multiple Live-Action Trailers(infinity, palmer, finch/miller trailer, spartan ops hybrid-cg and live-action)

Jinkies2090d ago

Its not really rewritting the rule book its basicaly "Hey look at the money we have to spend on marketiny, you kids see Iron man in there, yup we have the money to grab his attention"

RickHiggity2090d ago

All I saw was a montage of celebrities. Most of which I'm not even familiar with.

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The story is too old to be commented.