Gamedaily: Poker Smash Review

Robert Workman of Gamedaily writes: Poker Smash is one of the best puzzle games for Xbox Live Arcade. Every aspect of it oozes awesomeness, from its quirky design to its fun soundtrack to its multiple single-player and multiplayer options. For 800 points (the equivalent of $10), it's a hand you should go all in with.

The backgrounds change constantly, from the innards of a crypt to a lush tropical jungle to a dungy coal mine. The on-screen action is a delight to watch, with an abundance of colors and lightning bolts firing across the screen once you nail a combo. As for the music, it's the best we've heard in an XBLA game since Rez HD. The announcer has a perfect tone, not overstaying his welcome but keeping you informed of the hands you just made. Smash also lets you purchase your own custom play lists through an online store, just in case any particular settings or tunes stick with you.

All we can really say is "Wow". Poker Smash came out of left field and blew us away with its wildly addictive gameplay, its marvelous presentation and its stacked single-player and multiplayer options. For $10, you shouldn't fold on this incredible hand.

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