Steins;Gate coming to PlayStation Vita

5pb. is bringing Steins;Gate and fan disc Steins;Gate: Hiyoku Renri no Darling to PlayStation Vita.

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jujubee881850d ago

This should attract a lot of the fans of the series, which is HUGE in Japan.

ShoryukenII1850d ago

I think it would be huge here if marketed properly. Steins;Gate isn't like other anime.

hkgamer1850d ago

it will, but since its been released on 360, PSP, PS3 and iOS. I doubt it will pick up anymore fans.

Hopefully this will get an international release.

SynGamer1850d ago

Will this make it to NA though...probably not :(

DivineAssault 1850d ago

damn, vita is on fire! Keep em coming & localize some of these titles that keep getting announced

izumo_lee1850d ago

Remember the Vita is region free so if anyone is a fan of the series there is always the opportunity to import it if one feels the need too.

jujubee881850d ago

This is a Japanese action/VN game doe.

Unless you can read Japanese (I know the Japanese language consists of at least two types that have specific names; I can't even name them), you would just buy this game to show the company behind it some love.

izumo_lee1850d ago

There are a lot of walkthroughs for the game so that is one way to play it.

Visual novels are quite popular in Japan more so than over here but there are hardcore fans of them so the market is available.

jujubee881850d ago

I am to busy/lazy to google it.

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The story is too old to be commented.