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“Live the Revolution.” For months, THQ has hyped WWE ’13 as the next milestone in its long lineage of wrestling video games. Partly thematic, partly indicative of the publisher’s continued overhaul of its core wrestling sim franchise, the notion of a revolution is certainly a bold claim to make.

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TheUndertaker852090d ago

Ouch. 8.4 but most of the review isn't exactly positive. Even pointing out glitches in the game...

Cut and paste doesn't look to be working so well. WWE '14 will be much the same as it's already been in development and '15 can hope Next Gen consoles actually help it. With it being a title for what is going to be a whole new system though, I have little confidence in THQ.

SWF Joker2090d ago

what do you mean "ouch 8.4"? that's a good review

chaldo2090d ago

lol nah dude.. you should know gamers will boycott if its not a 9 or higher now. o.O

TheUndertaker852090d ago

Did you read the review and not just the number? 8.4 isn't exactly fantastic either. The review itself however is what makes me wonder why it got an 8.4. Again, if you read it most of it isn't positive.

Captain Qwark 92090d ago

the review is also rubbish and im not saying that becuase of the score which is fine i say that becuase it barely focus's on anything. it doesnt even mention half the features added such as catching finishers, adjusting match length, any changes or additions to the create a character, belt options, how exactly the attitude mode works, changes or additions to universe and online, etc this is the most barebones useless review ive ever seen on ign and despite the hate the site gets, normally id even defend them but not this time. this was a lazy review. also id agree with you about the review, it mostly reads negative yet comes out an 8.4. if i just read the review and guessed the score id guess a 6 or so but its an 8.4 so what is making the score so high. talk about a few of those points

DeadlyFire2090d ago

Well WWE 12 I couldn't pick up the controller after playing 2 matches since I bought it. If this is better than that. Then its a plus. Personally Attitude Era story should be great.

8.4 is respectable. I would have rated WWE 12 a 6.

I think they have the right mindset with the new engine and all, but they are not doing it right just yet.

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chazjamie2090d ago

my friend buys this game every year and forces me to play this. last year i made a retarded gucci mane for a character, going to be controversial this year and make justin bieber.intro song, slowed down "baby" (he sounds like a tranny).

WeskerChildReborned2090d ago

So far has been getting good reviews, hopefully this game proved me wrong and is good.

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