Playstation All-stars Beta impressions (Vita + PS3)

TGC writes: Next month one of the most fan anticipated games on PS3 touches down with driving force. Playstation All-stars hosts 20 famous characters featuring in a beat ‘em up area for the first time. The build up to release has been tense with half the fun of it trying the guess the next character to appear, even though “officially” they have all been revealed speculation still runs through the internet as the final weeks approach. Lucky Playstation Plus users and Vita owners can jump in early and be the first to test out the new beta which hit on the 17th for the U.K and will be available to all PS3 owners Wednesday 24th.

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Gamesgbkiller2152d ago

there is lag in every game i had played in this beta ..

so is it common or just me ?

DA_SHREDDER2152d ago

there wasn't lag for me all, and really the only problem i had with the game is that even on the big screen the characters are too far away from the screen to really see what's going on.

NukaCola2152d ago

Never had any lag. Only a few times, other payers would not load into the game so it's only a 3 player match or others would just sit there. But I never had a game drop or lag on me. And with the exception of having to tap items on screen, the Vita is my favorite way to play the game. The Beta is only 6 characters and 2 levels with about 4 items and nothing else. I can't wait to see what the full game has to offer.

cpayne932152d ago

In free for all its been buggy for me with some characters teleporting around due to lag, but in 2v2 I've experienced almost no problems.

Gamesgbkiller2152d ago

This happened to me too .
I hope i don't see that in the final game .

princejb1342152d ago

There's only been lag in a few games I played
But 90% of the games I played worked just fine

jetpacksheep2151d ago

During the time I played on both Vita and PS3 there was no lag, however I did play mostly when the beta was exclusive to PS+ meaning less people

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smashcrashbash2150d ago

No lag here at all. A few glitches here and there but no lag. But it is a beta. Can't expect it to be perfect.