Super Mario HD Shouldn’t Make Extensive Use of the Wii U GamePad

GenGAME writes: "Wii U’s first big 3D Mario doesn’t need the Wii U GamePad to be a success – it just needs to deliver the full impact of the plumber bros’ first leap into the world of cutting-edge HD. It needs to be a “next-gen” Mario from the first glance alone. It needs to present us with new worlds – and worlds that thanks to the HD capabilities of Wii U unquestionably top any of the ones we’ve seen from the series before. We need a Mario that easily renders its predecessors obsolete."

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Hatsune-Miku2157d ago

In my opinion no game should extensively use the screen on the Wii u pad when playing alone on the teli

Neonridr2157d ago

I don't think any game does. Unless you happen to be that odd man out in the 5 player multiplayer games that has to use the gamepad screen to "help" with the on-screen action. Even ZombiU which builds its experience around the gamepad, still only has you looking down when you are looting, or interacting with certain things. I love the facf of the 2nd screen and the possibilities, but I don't want it to always be on the screen - unless I am playing off the gamepad directly because the TV is being used for something else - then it's ok obviously.

legendoflex2157d ago

Exactly! Outside of GamePad-centric games and multiplayer, I think the GamePad screen is best used as a secondary screen or off-screen menu, not so much a primary element of the game's controls. I like the idea of using the gyroscope to look around, but other than that...

jmc88882156d ago

I like how Aliens: Colonial Marines will use it as the movie universe had that motion detector.

I also like that in BLOPS2 you'll be able to select which killstreak to use and aim it on there while still being able to move around if someone is trying to kill you or sneaks up on you.

I'd like to see it used in games also so during boss battles you could see the boss and have it highlight weak spots and/or highlight their weapons or something.

Be good for a mech game like that.

For games like madden not only the draw plays is an option, but WHEN they have the option for two gamepads, each player could do their play selection and not have the other team know which of the 3 plays (and by nature formation) you'll be running.

Also it would be good for in-game item pick-ups so you could pick up a potion or what not and still play, but while running to the next thing you could look down and see what the attributes of the potion or the weapon is....and maybe even equip it by touching something....or drop it.

Lots of people talk about there already being an on screen map usually in a corner or whatnot, but now they can make it much more in depth...with touchable features...zoom in and out.

DigitalAnalog2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

This is the same type of typical mindset that is plaguing the gaming industry as of late. Building the game on it's "power" alone completely detriments nintendo's philosophy as whole and is the main cause of "blockbuster" gimmicks we have seen as of late.

Can you imagine if this mentality was applied in the N64 era. "Mario 64 shouldn't make extensive use of the ANALOG STICKS and focus on the POWER, the POWER of the N64".

See where I'm going at here?

legendoflex2156d ago

But the analog stick was the primary input device on the N64 controller. For the Wii U GamePad, the primary input device is NOT the touch screen...except in a game modeled around the touch screen (which no one wants from Mario).

GameLord082157d ago

And then people'll turn around and accuse Nintendo of lacking innovation.

Newsflash: The GamePad is not just an accident that magically appeared alongside the Wii U. Nintendo made it, and obviously has plans of incorporating it into games in a creative and intuitive way that enhances gameplay experience; it's not for the convenience of having an in-hand inventory menu.

I don't just want a fancy Mario adventure in HD that plays exactly as thought it were on a PS3. Games do not prevail on power alone; creative control strategies immerse the player into the game as though it was their own adventure. I'm sure that's something the Wii taught us, especially with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Kamikaze2156d ago

i think it should be used for like (in mario galaxys case) collecting far away starbits but i highly doubt itll be like SMG so in that case use it a little but not to much because thats wut i loved about galaxy i felt very comfortable with very few motion controllers

TripC502156d ago

Second screen should strictly be used for multiplayer. When one person is playing they cAn use the gamepad. Two player, one has tv the other has gamepad. Also if playing multiplayer online the gamepad will show your teammate's screen or point of view while you play on tv.. While playing online use stylus or finger to point out things to teammate or draw them a path.

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