Iwata on those who say Nintendo lacks innovation

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata responds to those who say that Nintendo lacks innovation.

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ritsuka6662091d ago

It’s not kind of surprising. Nintendo always bringing the “new” to gaming. I hope for the same innovation for WiiU.

darthv722091d ago

innovation isnt always about technical achievement. It could sometimes be about a new way of thinking or in other cases...playing.

guitarded772091d ago

In some ways Nintendo is innovative, in others they are a dinosaur. Wii was innovative with motion controls... it was a dinosaur in terms of hardware. In terms of their classic franchises, I don't want them to stray too far away from what made them great from inception... I'd rather them press innovation by making new franchises.

MikeMyers2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

There is lots Nintendo can do in the online world with their IP's yet are still reluctant to do so. So yes, they do innovate in certain areas but fall behind in others.

Mounce2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Sometimes as well.... being innovative sometimes, doesn't make the company 100% innovative....How many failures has Sony and Nintendo both done together, or attempted? Successes? It varies on when the attempt and technology is marketed and released.

Nintendo tries things, it works or it doesn't. They are both sometimes innovative, and sometimes incompetent, as most corporation and business decision breakdowns... Wii U is not innovative, that much I can easily say, it's a pisspoor attempt at trying to keep the Wii-recognizable name while desiring only money for the losses had with 3DS's horrible launch. Nintendo is playing it safe and also playing it dangerously, it tells me they cannot predict the outcome of WiiU, they couldn't with 3DS, they won't for WiiU. They expected 3DS to sell like Hotcakes, ARROGANTLY, just as Sony did with PS3 at $599.99, but with 3DS being its launch price.

Moral of the story. It depends how often you remember someone, or a companies failures, successes and attempts ALL TOGETHER, before you can see what the ratio is. Most people focus only on success or in some biased manner.

Virtual Boy? Power Glove? Gameboy Mini? Gamecube and/or Gamecube disc format?(Sold well, but not 'Hurdurp-Nintendo-quality- 'Well'', Nintendo being incompetent with Online functionality? It's 2012 going 2013 and they're barely grasping the bare-minimum of what should be the norm for WiiU.... So many more gimmicks exist that Nintendo has done that I've not named and same as with Sony with their own gimmicks, though I'd have wished Sony had marketed Move better since of it having actual potential.

DigitalAnalog2090d ago

When Nintendo "innovates", it is always in the 100% success rate given the primary factor of every "next-gen" console released then on:

The NES introduced d-pads.

The S-NES - shoulder and the traditional diamond shaped face buttons.

For N64, the analog sticks (which spear headed the modern 3D controls WE SEE 15 YEARS since it's inception).

The NDS made dual-screen/touch screen an innovative approach to gameplay.

The Wii-mote, demonstrated how controls can be relatively streamlined that even non-gamers could interact with.

And now we have the Wii-U. With a track record like that how can one doubt their ability to "innovate". Failed prototypes like the V-boy is what happens when Nintendo tries to diversify an already competitive market, not to mention there was almost nothing redeeming about it which caused the main designer to be booted off their company.

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Jinkies2091d ago

It's new but at the end of the day to them it's just what will attract an audience to purchase their product over their rivals. It's still a gimmick, I used to like Nintendo before they relied on gimmicks to sell their consoles. The NES - Gamecube were amazing. I say gimmick by the way because like the Wii's motion controls people will slowly loose interest and after they do they will go and purchase a pro controler.

People are like magpies, we see something shiny and new and were all like "OOOOOO...AHHHHH" then once we have it sitting in our "nests" it rusts away or gets dirty so we toss it aside and go out to find the next shiny thing which we like the look of.

Getowned2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

"People are like magpies, we see something shiny and new and were all like "OOOOOO...AHHHHH" then once we have it sitting in our "nests" it rusts away or gets dirty so we toss it aside and go out to find the next shiny thing which we like the look of." lol sounds like my sex life.

I like nintendo but I hated the Wii, the Wii u and I just don't know what to think about it yet.I'm going to wait for a year or two before thinking about getting one, and that gives Nintendo time to release more games. I just didn't know about haveing a touch screen in my controler, the controler looks like it could get awkward after play a fps for a few hours, and I don't like their new wii u pro controler, on top of this I don't really want any more motion controlers. I want to try a demo in best buy or some think before I have my final say but sofar I'd say my expectations are 6.5 -7/10 on my expectation scale, will need to wait see.

corrus2090d ago

They talking for the games not for their consoles and is true they making the same games again and again from 25 years Mario and Zelda Nintendo lacks innovation

Jadedz2091d ago

It's true, and makes a lot of sense.

GribbleGrunger2091d ago

I'm surprised he felt it necessary to make that comment. Other than rampant fanboys on sites like this, the industry in general recognise that Nintendo DO innovate.

Griffin48712091d ago ShowReplies(2)
Griffin48712091d ago

Did you think I was being sarcastic? I was agreeing with you.

GribbleGrunger2091d ago

I know you were indirectly agreeing with me but there was no need to attack Sony fans whilst doing so. I'm a Sony fan by the way ... but I appreciate what Nintendo have brought this industry.

jc485732091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

“…One thing I would like to add, though, is that it might be true that Mario and Pokémon are franchises with long histories and tradition behind them, but we are trying to push the boundaries every time we develop a series title. In other words, the reason Pokémon has been continuously popular for about 15 years and Mario for almost 30 years now is that each sequel has something novel. So I frankly think that those who assume that Nintendo lacks innovation might be making judgments by looking at our game titles without actually experiencing them. Without ongoing innovation, even Mario and Pokémon would have lost their popularity long before.”

Speaking of rehashing games, I think I rather see companies like Capcom continue to rehash games with more updates than to rely on disc locked contents or dlc in general. You see, that's a rehash I know of. Nintendo games don't really go by those rules.

XxWalksOfShamexX2091d ago

Mario Galaxy, perfect example.

ronin4life2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Galaxy 2 was a fully different game, not an update.

But then again, I can't really follow this line of discussion because of poor grammar/wording... so maybe you already know that and are trying to say something else...

XxWalksOfShamexX2090d ago

I was saying mario galaxy was innovative.

TheColbertinator2091d ago

Sega always innovated more than Sony,MS and Ninty combined.

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