National Post review: Sports Champions 2

Post Arcade writes:

Sony Corp.’s PlayStation Move is playing the role of Betamax to competitors’ VHS in the current motion control war. It’s a great technology. Far more accurate than Nintendo Co. Ltd.’s Wii Remote and much more reliable than Microsoft Corp.’s Kinect motion sensor, its potential to deliver frustration-free movement-based game experiences is unmatched among the Big Three.

The reason it hasn’t performed as well as the competition is that we haven’t seen enough interesting games take advantage of it. And while the brand new Sports Champions 2 is a good addition to its library, it won’t be the game that shoots Sony’s motion control system into the spotlight.

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whateva2116d ago

hate it or love it, PlayStation Move works as it should with no delay & the best motion tracking on consoles to date.

Sketchy_Galore2115d ago

I wasn't expecting much at all but after finally getting around to playing the demo I'm pretty much blown away. The golf is like playing Tiger Woods with the Move without the annoying emphasis on character stats. The tennis felt like a much improved version of the table tennis from the first game and the skiing, oh the skiing. I would've bought the skiing alone as a downloadable title. For anyone who values time wasting as much as I do (enough to own a 3d TV and two Move controllers) it's absolutely awesome.