What If Games Didn’t Have Checkpoints?

In today’s feature we’re reflecting back to a time where saving games wasn’t possible and every death meant you had to start over.

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KentBlake2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

Then I'd find another hobby.

And people would lose their girlfriends, their jobs, and then actually die trying to finish games like Skyrim.

Detoxx2152d ago

Lol yeah. It would be impossible to finish most games unless you would use cheats/glitches/bugs

G33K2152d ago

They would be like old school arcade games. Which are like life, it just keeps getting harder and faster until you die.

DarkZane2152d ago

If I understand, that guy was trying to play FF7 without a memory card? What the hell, I don't even have a word for this here.

caseh2152d ago

FF7 can be completed in under 8 hours.

ninjahunter2152d ago

Thank god for save state Haha

leogets2152d ago

Itll be like 70s and 80s gaming where u turn off the game and restart everytime,even the smallest games like commando I never completed as it got tough near the end with only a bunch of lives. They were the days

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