Skylanders Giants Review (FMV Magazine)

"It would have been great if the developers had added online play and not just two player co-op, while the inability to jump and the frustrating camera are inexcusable misses. But even with these complaints, Skylanders Giants is still a fun game. Toys For Bob and Activision have another hit on their hands."

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TrendyGamers2091d ago

It'll be interesting to see if Giants repeats the success of Spyro's Adventure.

shodan742091d ago

Pretty sure it will. First game was a huge hit with kids - and I can imagine it's picked up a loyal fanbase already.

abzdine2091d ago

I played the first one for the first time in the weekend and i realized how thieves Activision are. You need to buy figures to open special doors and cast special spells, or to be able to finish the game because the Kaos guy is too powerful to think of beating him with the 3 figures you get with the game.
I'm glad i didnt buy it and i was intending to!!