Wii U TVii 'being considered' for Europe and Japan

CVG: Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said the company is considering offering its Wii U TVii service in Europe and Japan.

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Jadedz2156d ago

Spead the love, Nintendo!

bishbosh2155d ago

And so they should! us Europeans are paying the most for the least service!!!! console here on premium I got at a discounted rate of £284 with Zombie you which works out at $455.

You Americans think it's too pricey in the States well for less money you also at launch get TVii! This should be one of the priorities of nintendo to give us an equal package or reduce the price further.. This was one of the services I have ordered the Wii U for so I hope it comes and works with SKY Tv here in little old England

Jadedz2155d ago

I paid about $402 - deluxe edition, and it comes bundled with Nintendo Land. Basically, you get ZombiU, with an extra Wii U pro controller!

I'm so jelly right now... :P.

Nevers0ft2155d ago

Europe is pretty fragmented when it comes to TV so Nintendo could struggle here unless they just document the TV interface and throw the specs to the TV companies to write themselves and submit to Nintendo (In the UK I suspect Sky, Virgin and the BBC are ready and waiting). I doubt Nintendo has the desire or resources to write and rewrite the TV app for all of the combinations in Europe.