The Delusion of Innovation in Gaming

A critique of the misuse of the word innovation in the western video game media and fandom, and how it is hurting gaming creativity.

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dr_mayus2150d ago

Great read Lasombra, that is exactly the stuff I have been saying for awhile now. Glad you found a nice new home here :D

TimNunes2149d ago

After playing PSASBR, I've been proved wrong in terms of how the game establishes itself. My biggest issue was the lack of significant from the map itself. I only compare in this point purely for example and not representation: in Super Smash Bros, the maps have a bottomless pit of which all players must remain cognisant. PSASBR uses the maps themselves as the element of urgency, keeping the player aware of the map in the event of a dangerous obstacle that'll break combos or sway the battle itself. Needless to say, I'm sold beyond sold, and this article proves that I was dead wrong to even think that Sony didn't know what it was doing.

miyamoto2149d ago

Does innovation relies on who did it first?

I agree that this "innovation" word was misused & blown way up out of proportion specially by Nintendo (who ironically was sued for patent infringement on many counts because many ) and as a result brainwashed many kid's minds in the U.S.

But you should have also justified your point by defining the negative side of the equation- the words "rip off, copy, clone, etc. to perfect your point.

You must also make an article about the words "originality", "Inspiration" & "homage" in video games.

My two cents.

"Final Fight was a hit for the SNES but it was exclusive to that system. What does Sega do? It makes Streets of Rage. Looking at the two games play in split-screen, can you name what is ‘new’ or ‘different’ about the two series? The games are both side-scrolling beat em’ ups, have multiple characters, the same basic attack animations, and take place in random locations. Aside from the character models and music, what is ‘innovative’ about either game? They are both essentially the same game but are different enough to be considered unique."

If Streets of Rage copying Final Fight,...."

Please take no offense but your data is very, very, very wrong!

If you do your research on gaming history Streets of Rage or Bare Knuckle is actually a reskinned variation of Golden Axe not a Final Fight clone as many Westerners especially Nintendo fans would like many to believe. (Yes this misinformation from Nintendo fans has been going on since the dawn of time.)

SOR is the same 1989 Golden Axe formula BUT in brawler form & not hack n slash. Proof is because SOR enemy placement, "magic" is basically Golden Axe. GA was inspired by '82 Conan movie not Final Fight.

How can Sega be impressed by Final Fight when Golden Axe's development began 1 year before Final Fight was even announced publicly?

The thing was Final Fight & Streets of Rage was "inspired" by the success & popularity of Double Dragon arcade games.

They may be in the same genre but they have totally different origins.

And the funny thing is Capcom made the game for the arcades. And fans defended it like it was made by Nintendo and as an exclusive game. But when an arcade perfect version of Final Fight appeared on Sega CD they were furious.

The same goes for Virtua Fighter & Tekken.

To stop this mass media misinformation journalist & bloggers need to make sure their writings are backed up by accurate data, facts & information to prevent this chaos from ever happening over & over again.

That is objective journalism.

Your points & intentions are right but you need more accurate data for irrefutable proof.

omarzy2149d ago

At least give credit to the user who posted this in the comment section for the article. You can't just copy paste that much and not give credit.

Eyeco2149d ago

Yeah i've noticed allot of nintendo fanboys like to fantasize that Nintendo is so innovative and original but are they really ?

Legend of Zelda was a complete rip off of Dragonslayer on the MSZ and NEC PC

And what about Super Mario Bros ? well games like Pacman Land, Pittfall, and Jungle Hunt all preceded it

SSBB ? took influence over several Neo-Geo fighters before it, also the game the Outfoxes which it was pretty much a clone off.

I honestly could go on, Nintendo has mastered the art of taking Original and Innovative concepts then passing it off , just so their delusional fanbase gan gloat and orgasm over their so called "originality"

ChickeyCantor2149d ago

Just because games look a like doesn't mean it's a ripoff. It comes down to their designs.

Pacman land and pitfall don't play like SMB at all.
LoZ doesn't play that riggid.

There is also the rumor going round that the people who worked on outfoxes also worked on SSBB.

you would call rip-off to anything just because some things are similar. You tried this with a different post of your. I dont care who is innovative and who is not. But you obviously don't understand what innovation is. Just stop.

ShaunCameron2148d ago

@ sidar

Exactly. It seems that Eyeco doesn't know what he's talking about because DS and TLOZ have little in common. SMB have little in common with PML, PF and JH. And by the way, there are YouTube videos for those games to disprove his arguments.

Lasombra2149d ago

I respect your comments, and thank you for posting, Axelstone, but I believe you misunderstood the point I was trying to make when I compared Final Fight and Streets of Rage.

Final Fight was a success for the SNES but it was 'exclusive'. The only thing Sega can do is copy it if they want to make a Final Fight for the Sega. (Final Fight) (Streets of Rage)

I don't talk about Golden Axe because it has a different kind of game dynamic than those two games. That is fine if SoR looks like a reskinned version of Golden Axe but they play differently from each other, while SoR and Final Fight play the same. That was the point I was trying to make. If I play Streets of Rage I do not suffer any penalty from it being a new game. I am already used to how the game works because it looks and works almost exactly like Final Fight, and vice versa. The weapons can be used the same way, the item drops are the same, there is the same style of fighting, and the enemies health bars all work the same (or in the case of Game 1 only the boss because SoR1 didn't have generic enemy health bars.) There is only enough difference that the makers of Streets of Rage will not get sued for making an 'exact clone'. It is just 95% cloned.

Comparing the two games in question with Golden Axe, they play a lot different from each other and look a lot different from each other.

I used Final Fight vs. Streets of Rage because they are exactly the same situation as Smash Brothers vs. Playstation All-Stars. The thesis of my article was "why now is it bad that we can't copy each other, but back then it was great?" So that extra info you gave about Double Dragon, Bare Knuckle and Golden Axe was not needed because it did not apply to the topic. Streets of Rage and Final Fight are clones of each other as they look and play the same, while Golden Axe looks and plays differently from those two.

Again, I appreciate the feedback and the idea.

lilbroRx2148d ago

Final Fight was on the SEGA CD and bother were just games of the time(the late 80's).

N4g_null2148d ago

The difference is consoles where copying arcades at that point not other console games. Final fight, double dragon, bad dudes, etc where arcade games. Only the best games survived, streets of rage was not even good at copying those but final fight was almost arcade perfect.

A good copy out sells or matches what it copies. It has a similar buzz. I don't see this with the Sony rip off. It is not pushing system sells. It's like playing Jo Jo instead of the old street fighter two. So much is missing or different for no reason.

I invite people to take a concept and do it better... Nintendo does that all of the time which is why we see 10 million in sells and better character ips.

ChickeyCantor2148d ago

Ah so the SNES controller had no influence on the PS/360 controller?

You people are stretching it.

coolman2292148d ago

I'll just leave this here.

hkgamer2148d ago

ones a street fighter clone, the others a final fight clone.
we've always called things clone just like we call allstars a smash clone.
nothing bad about it, nothing great about it.

gears clone
cod clone
god of war clone (castlevania)
dmc cline (bayonetta)

thers plenty of clones and its not a bad thing if it plays well.

lilbroRx2148d ago

I hope you meant God of War was a Castlvenia clone because Castlevania predates it by a good decade or so.

hkgamer2148d ago

I know that castlevania series is older than God of war, but clearly the new castlevania is a clone of god of war.

dante's inferno is also a god of war clone but just couldnt think of the name of that game before.

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