Who Says Linear Games are a Bad Thing?

It's a word that is used often while critiquing a game, usually in a derogatory fashion. It is used by reviewers and fans alike, and has become the bane of many a promising game. The word is linear, and it is a truly dirty word in the video game industry.

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unsunghero283751d ago

I don't really think "Linear" is a bad thing either.

Uncharted for example, is quite linear in that the player is pretty much forced to follow the path that the developers wanted him to. But this allows the developer to provide a fantastic story and focus on making the experience, limited though it may be, truly fantastic.

And if a game is too open world it can just seem sloppy. "Dungeon Siege," for example, is pretty open, but it's so repetitive in enemies and combat that it bores me to tears.

ReconHope3751d ago

yeah with linear games it always seems a little more cinematic because the developers can truly do what they want to do with the game. Not to say that one can't enjoy a game non-linear game with all that liberation. ^_^ i just don't see linear games as a bad thing.

DemiseofPandas3751d ago

I personally love linear gaming, because it can convey a wonderful and artistic story, and you get a great sense of what the developer was really going for. Non-linear games are great as well, and both can produce a great amount of fun, and freedom, but I don't think I have ever been nearly as moved by a non-linear game as much as some linear games.

Rice3751d ago

Reviewers say linear games are bad....

darkshiz3751d ago

Now this article or blog whatever it is makes sense.

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