Sony on PS3: "It's not what you buy, it's what you're buying into"

SCEA's John Koller tells GamesIndustry International why he believes PS3 will draw in more consumers this holiday and why Vita is poised to take off.

"I think, taking the PS3, it's not what you buy, it's what you're buying into. You're buying into a system that has not only a great holiday ahead of it with some of the games we mentioned, but also a great future ahead of it over the next few years...This isn't going to be a system that people come into this holiday and then feel like PlayStation abandoned them, and that's important for us," he said.

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Sinner101GR2155d ago

This is why Black Ops II's latest trailer was so terrible to most people on this site.

donniebaseball2155d ago

Activision still leans more heavily towards Xbox 360, but Black Ops II will do just fine on PS3. Also curious to see how CoD does on Vita.

Bluenuts92155d ago

Declassified looks terrible and it doesn't do what it boasts very well (console worthy multi). I wish it was great, but I haven't read anything too positive about it, and I'm extremely disappointed.

GamerElite2155d ago Show
gaffyh2155d ago

@Blue - actually it looks a little better than it did before.

darthv722155d ago

that can pretty much be said about everything. Cars, homes, anything that people see potential in down the line.

for me, i didnt buy the ps3 for its potential because i already knew it was going to deliver the goods. I bought it because I wanted to. Same for why I got the wii and 360 and any previous console.

If you want one, you get one. There is no convincing needed. If you have to be convinced then you really arent ready.

TheRealHeisenberg2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

I know what you mean. EA leans towards PS3 but their titles fair just as well on Xbox 360.

@ darthv72

I could not agree more. Every system I've bought has been because of the games, not because I'm "buying into" something.

donniebaseball2155d ago

darthv72, what's funny is that this is the exact same message that Sony had for PS3 six years ago. Always talking up its potential. Seems a bit strange to message that to consumers now at this stage in PS3's life.

WeskerChildReborned2155d ago

Well the developers that made COD on Vita aren't even doing full games anymore so idk...

wastedcells2155d ago

Dont kid yourself Microsoft pays big bucks for that love lol.

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AfricanGamer9ja2155d ago

@Sinner101GR If u have not noticed most people on this site HATE COD.

morkendo232155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

people come into this holiday and then feel like PlayStation abandoned them,

being a old school gamer from snes, ps1,ps2 era thats exactly how i feel ABANDON!!!! all hardcore games with no re-makes of snes, ps1,ps2 game variety, all first person shooters.
SONY you abandon gamers who made you who you are today dumped us like piece of shee-it. this gen know nothing about fun games all there is is KILLING!!!! games now. sick of call of duty, boarderline,mass effect,socom,god of war,assassin creed,uncharted,last of us same boring format over and over and over different titles but same format KILLING or ZOMBIE hacking 6 years of the same craploa.

like i care what u think stage88 or anyone else my personal opinion far as im concern its call FREEDOM OF SPEECH look it up .

stage882155d ago

Stupidest post on here. I disagree with absolutely everything you have just said.

hotrider122155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

@ stage88

someone should teach STAGE88 this thing call FREEDOM OF SPEECH dang nutcase.

The freedom to speak your mind and express yourself

learn this: dont matter if it sound intelligent or dumb its still freedom of speech. not everyone will agree.

JOHN_DOH2155d ago

Goes both ways. Stage88 just posted his opinion just like you did. Not saying I agree with him, just that he's also free to speak his mind too, even if it's in disagreement.

Blankman852155d ago

Karma has humbled SONY this gen. Gone are the talks of getting extra jobs and getting a ps3 simply because its a playstation. Now they talk about the thing that made the ps2 truly great, not the brand, the games!
I am with you on that John. Now go back inside and tell SONY to hurry up with my Heavenly Sword 2!

Bluenuts92155d ago

I wish heavenly sword two would happen, but honestly I don't see it happening at all, which really sucks.

donniebaseball2155d ago

Heavenly Sword was a good and underrated game! I don't think Ninja Theory has any plans for another. Aren't they also on the new DmC for Capcom?

FunAndGun2155d ago

well, Nariko is in All Stars so that is a good sign her story is not over yet.

would love to see a HS2.

darthv722155d ago

Karma...I dont know. Consumer awareness of competing platforms seems more like it. For that you have to point the finger at their marketing division.

No doubt they had two things they counted on. brand recognition and the overwhelming support from the movie industry for the blu format. No doubt sony went to the heads of the rival studios and said:

"Hey, we are pitching a new format that is to replace dvd. We are going to spearhead the initiative with our newest game console. If any of you remember how successful we were in getting DVD into people's homes you will no doubt want to be in on this new format."

Maybe not 'exactly' like that but there is some logic to it. Sony had done a great job of getting DVD accepted because it really was something revolutionary in relation to VHS. Problem they didnt think of with promising the success of blu and the ps3 was that consumers needed to have an hdtv to really see the difference.

Where as those back in the dvd days could tell right away when doing comparisons. People who bought into the blu, using their existing set were really not seeing the benefit of the picture quality. We can fast forward and see the format is doing just fine. HDTV sales are up but so are sales of stand alone players.

Sony had the advantage back then with the ps2 being one of the cheapest players on the market for dvd. It wasnt the same case for blu. And it still isnt as players are really cheap and the movies have gotten even cheaper. Its a win win for the consumer and the format.

As for the competition, sony dropped the ball when it came to marketing. Everyone has to agree on that. We are seeing a bit more effort now since the launch but that word of mouth and brand recognition didnt spread like wild fire like the ps2 days. The fact the price was what it was didnt help but at least they recognized a possible solution in dropping the price soon after and coming out with variants to lessen the price.

The game are what matters, you are spot on. But when the majority of games sold are 3rd party, what does that really say about a platform with so many 1st party studios and exclusives? The quality is up there but its like consumers just arent interested or have been convinced they are going to get the same experience on the competition.

wii, not so much but at least the 360 is doing a good job of countering the ps3 when it comes to quality 3rd party games. the life blood of a platform actually comes from a solid 3rd party connection than the 1st party exclusives. Just look at how well the ps1 did (pretty much 3rd party driven its entire life) and PS2 was at a point where sony was buying up the smaller 3rd parties and making them 1st/2nd parties but still having good 3rd party support.

Some call sony arrogant, I call them relaxed. They didnt think the competition would be as stong as they were. Much like nintendo felt towards sega. It wasnt until sega really caught on that nintendo stepped it up to try and thwart any advancement competition would do to their market share.

Karma...really has nothing to do with it. If you want to assign blame then it would be to us, the consumers. It could very well be that we wanted something different. A changing of the guards if it were. It happened with Atari (pre crash), it happened with nintendo and it's happening with sony.

dragonyght2155d ago

truly disappointing Heavenly sword not getting sequel when uncharted, motorstorm and resistance
had a second chance at a much bigger install base than previously

anyway if you are a Heavenly Sword fan let sony know that you want a sequel vote here

RememberThe3572155d ago


I like what you are saying in the first part of your post but the second part sounds off to me. 3rd party games sell more because they have much more exposure. When most of Sony's first party games are selling well past 1 mil, there doesn't seem to be much of a problem there.

From my experience it's little things that keep people with the 360. The controller and the universal party system are the two I've heard my friends mention. It's much simpler to play with friends on 360 and that is huge. Sony also dropped the ball by not capitalizing on a must have shooter. They had a handful of opprotunities with Resistance and Killzone, and though I liked all of them the consensus was not as positive.

GrahamGolden2155d ago

HS was suppose to be a trilogy but they expected more sales the game sell around 2mil+ so they abandoned the thing.

I heard santa monica could do a HS2 but thats too good to be true

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izumo_lee2155d ago

Well the guy leading the charge at the beginning of the gen is no longer there. I truly believe that even though Ken Kutaragi is a brilliant engineer in hardware development it was his attitude & cockiness that put Sony in the hole they were once in.

The success of the PS1 & PS2 really fueled his already big ego which led to the troubles for Sony.

Sony needed to be humbled to remember what got them to the top of the industry in the first place & it is good to see that they have realized the errors of the past.

PS: YES Heavenly Sword 2 made by Sony Santa Monica!! Maybe a crossover with GOW Yes?

donniebaseball2155d ago

I miss Crazy Ken! His quotes were highly entertaining.

Cam9772155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

In regards to this article, the Unfinished Swan is an excellent example of a recent A-rated game - only on playstation.

LOGICWINS2155d ago ShowReplies(4)
rezzah2155d ago

lol Logic revealed his trolling self, seems he games for time not experience.

Gaming for time vs experience is like working a job you dislike (more money) to a job you enjoy (less money).

solidjun52152d ago

and somehow the troll, logic, still has 5 bubbles. sigh.

Godchild10202155d ago

I agree, it is what your buying into. Most consumers, including myself buy things and not have an idea what it is we are buying. Whether it be a new phone, system or anything that is not an necessity. And when it is bought and we get no use out of it after awhile, we regret it and complain about it. Look at the Wii, PS3, Vita and the 3DS early on in its life cycle. People bought it but complained about the lack of support and features after the release. You really can't blame people though, blame the advancement in technology.

I've been gaming for awhile and learned to plan my purchases and do research before making big purchases.

Tales RPG addict2155d ago

out of all the things that bugs me is how some Analysts believe that Mobile Based games will kill off Video Game Consoles. No fucking way, as long as Gamers like me are around.

baodeus2155d ago

Just a HYPOTHETICAL question, but what happen if u r the only one left? Would they still make AAA games for one person?

baodeus2155d ago


So they would spend millions..i mean MILLIONSsss just so they cen sell it for $60, not including tax of course, to one guy?

And are you on Drug or something? This is not a hypothetical question.

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