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GodisaGeek: "So, is Football Manager 2013 worth the price of admission? If you’re a fan of the series, and have been addicted to it for many years, you’ll find yourself taking one of two positions; the changes to the main game are too few to warrant the update from 2012, or the addition of Classic Mode and changes to online have made it almost a necessity. Such is the beauty of opinion, but the first group would be missing out. Football Manager 2013, with the tweaks to the main mode as well as the addition of more accessibility and longevity through the Classic and Challenge modes, is probably the best iteration to date. Simply brilliant, it’s just a shame there’s a few underlying problems, such as lack of challenges and the real possibility that die-hard fans may feel alienated by the focus on luring back those who have less time that prevent it from being a milestone in football management simulation. It’s damn close, though."

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