CheatCC Preview: Resistance 2 - Hard To Resist

CheatCC writes: "As a launch title, Resistance: Fall of Man did much to dissuade potential PS3 owners from holding off on taking the initial plunge with a huge financial investment for the system. The title showcased a substantial portion of the PS3's technical might as well as the skill of developers Insomniac Games and landed its way as the top-selling game within days of the system's release. Mixing a touch of sci-fi horror into an intense, stunning first-person shooter on the next-gen console was a winning mixture for Insomniac, whose track record is well proven with the hilarious and engaging Ratchet and Clank series. With two great PS3 titles under their belt, they're out to up the ante with what looks to be one hell of a sequel in Resistance 2."

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xhi43689d ago

with KZ2, GTA IV, Tekken 6, War Devil, MGS4, Final Fantasy, Little Big Planet, The Geteway 3 and Eight Days ima gonna be broke lol


I am broke....beside your list up there i have some of my own im looking forward too. like singstar ,mlb the show 08 and many more ...hope baeball betting is good for me this season...

TwissT3689d ago

This game will be epic.

iAmPS33689d ago

I am Epic all the way.

avacadosnorkel3689d ago

2 campaigns, 8 player co-op, 60 player multi,

Game of the Year, hands down right now.

How can it not be? unless progress is dictated by the ignorant.
...this pushes the entire console FPS genre further

hotshot1273689d ago

mgs4. all that hard work kojima and konami put into mgs4 to make it the best of the series. a series of twenty years in the making is finally about to come to a close and all it deserves is praise and game of the year awards from all sites.

resistance 2 will be epic but mgs4 will be a epic finale and something that every ps3 owner needs to pick up

FamilyGuy3689d ago

I really don't see any way this game could disappoint. It looks to be phenomenal and more than likely will be. I wonder if there are ANY games on game rank kings/whatever other tally site that have gotten a 10 average, being a PS3 game theres no way reviewers will let it be but it will likely be the closest in those sites history.

*Im very excited about this game :P

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The story is too old to be commented.