Silent Hill Sequel Bombs At Box Office, Producer Promises More Resident Evil Movies

It was a devastating weekend at the Hollywood box office, and analysts said Hurricane Sandy can only be blamed for about 10 percent of the damage. While Open Road Entertainment’s Silent Hill: Revelation performed a lot better than The Wachowskis’ Cloud Atlas, especially when figuring in budget; the movie did bomb at theaters with an $8 million opening. That number was off 60 percent when compared to the original Silent Hill’s $20.1 million opening domestic haul six years ago. But given the sequel’s reported $20 million production budget, the movie, which has yet to premiere overseas, should end up making money when all is said and done (even before the lucrative home entertainment and broadcast rights).

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Hellsvacancy2085d ago

Thats no surprise it looked awful, judging by the trailer anyway, ill still pirate it one day though

TheDopeFiend2085d ago

Banning somebody for admitting the possibility of pirating a movie, in the future, on a "gaming" site is a tad extreme do you not think?

The Great Melon2085d ago

No, it's just proper pre-crime.

Mounce2084d ago

Well, aren't you just an obvious Judge Dredd type of person.


To the topic....

People calling the RE movies a success, to me, is shameful and idiotic. They are Garbage, they destroy the RE series just as much is Capcom is destroying it, the acting is horrible, the funding is shit, the director is incompetent, and before I see anyone who comes and says they like it or "LETZ SEE U DO BETTR" responses, since am sure I'd get a few to defend it righteously..... No, just no. The first film was acceptable, everything else, I brand it those who enjoy it just have horrible taste or are those who can't get enough of a zombie-craze of this generation.

Reibooi2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

it did look pretty bad. The first one was decent. It tried to be a good adaptation of the games and changed just a few to many things to be truly great but it got the world and the messed up things right.

This new one however looked like a cheesy action movie with 3D set in the Silent Hill universe. Best way to put it is that it felt like one of those terrible Resident Evil movies. Cheesy over the top action in what is supposed to be a horror series.

DeadlyFire2084d ago

Well they didn't really spend much money advertising this one. I saw a commercial the day before it came out and was like really? Not one thing before even grabbed my attention towards the movie.

ritsuka6662085d ago

the movie did bomb at theaters with an $8 million opening."

GOOD news.

Promises More Resident Evil Movies"

Terrible news.

NYC_Gamer2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

I couldn't stand the first SH movie.I'll watch SH2 soon as it lands on Netflix.

rataranian2085d ago

"Producer Promises More Resident Evil Movies"

Oh yeah thankyou. *pllllz trigger*

Cam9772085d ago

Afte getting over the film bombing, I cringed when I heard there will be more RE films. They're really desperate, aren't they?

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