Angry Hardcore Gamer

An opinion column (part objective discourse, part straight-up rant) via in which the author has a go at the hardcore gamer for being hypocritical, self-entitled and overly demanding of their games.

Quote: "There are so many words I could use to describe the hardcore gamer (of which I most certainly am one) right now, almost all of them derogatory and most of them enough to warrant an age restriction if spoken in say, a movie or television show. I don’t like hardcore gamers because they’re too whiny, too self-entitled and most importantly, they think they know everything because their parents bought them internet and allowed them to go onto international websites and talk about games that one time. Because that’s the absolute pinnacle of qualification for having an opinion online. "

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GTRrocker6662030d ago

This article is stupid and generalizes way too much. Game on.

d3nworth12029d ago

I agree with you the article fails to acknowledge the fact that different people have different tastes. A game is not going to appeal to everybody.