Sleeping Dogs producer says Square “believed in this game as a potential franchise”

OPM: In an interview with producer Dan Sochan about Sleeping Dogs’ upcoming Nightmare at North Point DLC, Sochan has admitted they have 6 months of content packs on the way, including some that, “Explore aspects of Hong Kong cinema, and others that are a little more serious”. He’s also spoken about the studio’s relationship with Square Enix saying, “They believed in this game as a potential franchise from the very beginning”.

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nrvalleytime2121d ago

That's awesome news. I can't wait for the next few games, but I'll stop playing when we reach "Sleeping Dogs XIII" and the game becomes linear.


Cam9772121d ago

Great news, does this mean there will be a sequel? Thanks SE.

DeadlyFire2120d ago

On Luminous engine and next gen consoles? Hell yes.

r212121d ago

Activision used to be like that....and then CoD happened :P

DeadlyFire2120d ago

Well they absorbed something that wasn't even their creation. IW crafted it and Activision said its theirs and will be done their way from now on so IW says Lets go do our own thing. Then Respawn happened and EA is looking over their shoulder at what they are crafting. I see a pattern here.

Burning_Finger2121d ago

Square Enix should go back to their roots. START making JRPG's again and STOP trying to be westernize.

Nightfallen2121d ago

Not possible. The reason why they are westernizing is because the market shifted away from those games. on top of that they don't know how to make a proper RPG game anymore. From the moment Squaresoft was bought it went down hill.

Fishy Fingers2121d ago

How does this hinder their JRPGs what so ever? It's was developed by a studio that wouldn't have any influence on what they do in Japan.

This game (and probably studio) would have not existed if SE didn't pick them up. It's one of the better moves they've made this generation.

Captain Qwark 92121d ago

i dont think they should stop bringing western franchises to the table and i even like how they branched out with genres but i will agree that they should have some old school jrpgs again. the market is still there for turn based rpgs just look at the pokemon series. it just needs to bring a few new ideas with it and have characters and a battle system worth caring about

Th3 Chr0nic2121d ago

zombie addon .... i didnt really expect that for this game.

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