Push-Start Hands-On Wii U Impressions From MCM London Expo With ZombiU

Aaron Stone Writes: "This same excitement should be the same for every first experience with a console, it happened for me with the Wii and Playstation 3. I was expecting the same feeling when I played ZombiU on the Wii U at MCM Expo this year in London"

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Neonridr2155d ago

You are one of the minority Frisbe013, as basically every other gaming website has nothing but praise for this game. Maybe you should stick to action games like Gears of War 3 if ZombiU is too slow paced for you.

As for the Wow factor, you were spoiled by the jump from the Xbox/PS2 to the 360/PS3. You aren't going to experience that same wow factor when the 720/PS4 come out, unless suddenly native 4k resolution is the standard by 2014. Graphics are only going to be marginally improved, it will be the size of game worlds, the physics will be improved allowing for more on screen interactions at the same time. Textures may become a little more sharper as they will undoubtedly be rendered in native 1080p, but that's nothing we haven't seen on PC's at this point (possibly even with the Wii U once developers learn the ins and outs). You bring up that the 2nd screen has already been there done that with the DS and you bring it up like it's a bad thing. The DS is the most successful console/handheld ever with over 150 million units sold. Nintendo doesn't believe in status quo or follow the leader. They want to be the ones to shake things up a little. If not for the Wii we may never have seen the Move or Kinect in their current forms.

I don't expect everyone to want a Wii U or be excited for one. It's going to be up to the developers to create a unique and engaging experience for the end users, and Ubisoft is definitely trying to accomplish that by forcing users to play the game a little differently than they are used to.

Grimhammer002155d ago

I have different issues with Ninny.
Pad takes 3grs to get a 2hrs charge
Wiiu has no controlled online....devs are left to create their own infrastructure. Try being an Indy dev and doing mp! Though maybe ninny will help them.

If wiiu isn't the graphics powerhouse I can accept that. But 1080p 60fps on all titles should be the standard....and wiiu won't be doing that.

Neonridr2154d ago

where did you hear that about the pad? I heard that it was 3 hours to get about 5-6 hours of playing time. What source told you that?

As for the online, we haven't even been shown anything yet, so why don't you wait until the unveil the Miiverse in an upcoming Nintendo Direct.

And as for 1080p/60fps there are some games that already do that (Rayman, Trine 2). Sure they are only 2D sidescrollers, but the lighting and particle effects on these games alone look fantastic. When it comes to 3rd party multiplatform titles, we aren't going to see significant differences unless the developers are willing to build the game seperately for the Wii U. Instead, they build the game for the 360, then just recompile the code to run on the Wii U. So of course they aren't going to look better. Taking the time to build it properly means time and money, something developers want to eliminate as much as possible. The Nintendo first party games look fantastic even at only 720p, and I am sure that when Metroid or Zelda comes along, we will finally see a 1st party native 1080p game.

The Wii U is doing as much if not more than the 360/PS3 are doing 7 years into their life cycles. Imagine what the Wii U can do in a few years once developers learn more about it.

metroid322154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Wiiu has more than 2 games that run 1080p natively but more games will run natively at 720p but who cares the graphics on Fifa/Blackops/Trine/Aliens/Pro ject cars/Wonderful 101/ZombiU,are all way above ps3/360 and this is at launch ? Not to mention also running a 480p image in HD graphics on the gamepad makes it many steps above ps3/360 and this is right out the gate.

So i believe the wiiu is showing immence power for a console that prob has a 10 year life cycle.