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DrRichtofen1945d ago

"Surprise horse lady" lol

nrvalleytime1945d ago

Completely agree. Have to say - this made me want to buy Black Ops II.

crxss1945d ago

it was a VERY SMART idea for whoever cast this trailer to include Robert Downey Jr.

the media has brainwashed me into thinking that whenever i hear AC/DC's song "Back in Black" i think of Iron Man, and who's in that suit? well that'd be Robert Downey Jr.

raWfodog1945d ago

I like the 'groovy' at the end. Just like Ash from Evil Dead series.

ATi_Elite1944d ago

What No PSY doing the "GANGNAM STYLE" Dance?

Come On Activision get with the program lol!

Bumpmapping1945d ago

Robert Downey Jr in a JET=Epic

SOD_Delta1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

IKR It's about time we get a real military FPS.

Zombies! :)

Makasu1945d ago

Guess who brought a jet to a gunfight?

isa_scout1945d ago

Everything is better with a little dash of Robert Downey Jr.
Anyone else think of Ironman when the music started playing?

imXify1945d ago

I loled hard at FPS Russia :P

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The story is too old to be commented.