Bioshock Infinite; Weapons Confirmed... So Far.

IGN: Like the original BioShock, BioShock Infinite has a variety of different weapons that can be used by Booker DeWitt including pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles and more. In combat, weapons are often used in combination with Vigors for devastating attacks against enemies

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nrvalleytime2151d ago

Some of these weapons look rather chilling - can't wait to play this game.

camel_toad2150d ago

Does anyone know if they still have the grab-dropped-weapons gameplay like what was shown in the trailer they showed about a year or so ago?

I'm on my own personal media lockout from it (been avoiding all videos) but I really hope what I saw so long ago was just for early beta purposes. I'd rather have the weapon system closer to the previous bio shock than what looked like the usual fps run-gun-n-grab weapons constantly.

Please tell me this is so =)

MasterD9192150d ago

They have definitely improved the shooting by the looks of it.

I love the Ruger pistol as well.

XXXL2150d ago

Looks great. Can't wait to play it