Microsoft Vancouver developing AAA core action console title

Microsoft Game Studios Vancouver is staffing up for development on an "AAA core" action console game, job listings for the studio have revealed.

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wastedcells2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

Ya finally. Good to see Microsoft taking game development into their own hands. Hope they have more teams working on games. First party game are the key to success. Look at Halo 4, Nintendo and Sony.

TheLyonKing2153d ago

sounds intresting though it is clearly another FPS.

Either way looking forward to hearing more.

Blankman852153d ago

Come to think of it, what other FPS does Microsoft make besides Halo? One Perfect Dark? Anything else?
I hope its an action adventure and not so much another first person shooter. Something to the likes of Red Dead Redemption or any other story driven game.

TheLyonKing2153d ago

my comment was a general go at Microsofts massive haul of fps/tps games it has with not to much variety.

It is not a bad thing but like you said I hope it is more like RDR though I just have a feeling it won't be something of that grand magnitude.

greenpowerz2153d ago Show
TekoIie2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )


You need to take a look at "The making of Halo 4" videos. They prove that an FPS can have just as much detail as any other video game genre.

Seriously watch this video all the way through:

Also theres a difference between sci-fi and the modern day. Sci-fi will always have something new for us to explore whereas the modern day will always have a familiarity about it. Look at BF3 and COD but then look at Halo and Killzone. Notice how the sci-fi comparison makes the two look worlds apart whereas you can see lots of similarities between the modern military shooters.

Halo 4 really is looking like a contender for GOTY. The first thing everyone thinks when someone says that is "Shooters are generic and they cant be GOTY".

The point Im getting at is that gamers need to be more open-minded. Seriously the detail in Halo 4 is incredible!

DeadlyFire2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

Since Rare is all about Kinect now and most other Microsoft resources aimed that way I can see a new Perfect Dark or new IP actually exist.

FPS or not this is a plus. Microsoft rarely crafts something new. I personally believe it will be a TPS like aimed at either Mass Effect series or Uncharted series. As Naughty Dog's Uncharted games are in my top 5 most played SP/MP games out of my collection. Its even inspired Lucasarts's new title 1313.

Since they don't have Halo to kick off Xbox 3 launch they will have this title. It must be on same scale of success as Halo or so Microsoft will aim for that. Can't be a bad thing.

DiRtY2153d ago

The lead desinger of crysis 2 joined them by the way. I doubt he works on a plattformer.

Oh and the job ads are quite a few weeks already.

lonesoul652153d ago

not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Crysis 2, though an amazing looking game(especially in 3D) for the PC at least...wasn't an exceptionally fun game. Cool enough yes, but only 7/10 bacon strips for gameplay. Let's hope the good parts of it come over and someone throws in a little fun with it.

Dlacy13g2153d ago

Given what MS has done with 343i I am feeling confident they know how to pull together a top flight team. Lets not forget we also know a number of people from Irrational Game Studio (Bioshock Infinite) have jumped ship over to MS. My guess is its this game they are working on.

lonesoul652153d ago

i agree...when MS puts the money down...they normally score. It is amazing what a group of talent can do if they work together. I might be the only one but I wouldn't mind if they would bring back brute force. The game had a lot of promise when it was released even though it did have its share of issues.

Blankman852153d ago

I was going to disagree with you about it being 7/10 for gameplay. Then I read bacon strips, who in their right mind disagrees with bacon strips? Not me.

FarCryLover1822153d ago

Maybe it's Perfect Dark?? Sure, I know this isn't Rare...but Microsoft could have anyone make a new PD game.

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