Cliff Bleszinski offers to help ‘fix’ Capcom’s Resident Evil series

EDGE: "Former Epic design director Cliff Bleszinski has offered his services to Capcom to bring the ailing Resident Evil series back on track."

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NYC_Gamer2091d ago

I doubt Cliff could help bring Resident Evil back to its roots

bumnut2091d ago

Maybe not, but im sure he would still do a great job.

lociefer2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

no Cliff, please dont puff Leon up, Chris muscles are enough to freak any1 from this game

aCasualGamer2091d ago

I would give Cliff Bleszinski Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, Code Veronica X, 4 and Outbreak 1&2.

I would then tell him to play these games without any external stimuli and/or disturbances.

Then i would tell him to reinterpret the vibe from the horror aspect of those games into a modern day Resident Evil horror game.

I would advise him to leave out any thought of bringing action into the gameplay.

Then i would just sit back an relax, and watch a miracle unfold.

snipes1012090d ago


I doubt Cliff would do that to Leon - or to the game as a whole. With his leaving Epic games, I think that was an indication that he has grown tired of the generic meat-head marine fare and would be ready for something like this.

Also, The original Gears of War did manage to be kind of creepy in more than a few parts. Remember the downpour level? There were definitely a few horror aspects laced into that, however light they may be.

Blacktric2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

The guy who made a game that had similar mechanics as RE 4 with added muscular space marines, is going to "fix" Resident Evil. Oh I'm excited already. Can't wait for the forced bromances, and even more forced death scenes sprinkled on top of completely action based gameplay... Snobby bastard.

bumnut2090d ago

Ok, Im sure he would do a better job than the 13 people who gave me disagrees :)

nix2090d ago

all we'll get is another copy cat of GeOW... oh wait!

doogiebear2090d ago

How? By making it even more of a westernized, Gears of War rip-off then it already is?

CommonSense2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

that is such an immature comment.

just because he created gears of war, doesn't mean he is unable to make something entirely different.

The guys that created Rock n Roll Racing went on to create Warcraft. The guys that made Crash Bandicoot went on to make Uncharted.

Cliffy B is a really talented guy, and i can't tell you how annoying and childish it is that people hate on him just because he made a very successful franchise that didn't come to the PS3. grow up, please.

Blacktric2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )


Yes. I hate Cliffy B because Gears Of War never released on PS3. I think your common sense changes form and shape to fit whatever society you're in (in this case, the mentality of a PS3 fanboy I'm guessing).

"The guys that created Rock n Roll Racing went on to create Warcraft. The guys that made Crash Bandicoot went on to make Uncharted."

None of which were annoying, loudmouth, know it all d-bags to begin with. They created amazing games and went on to create equally better ones instead of going rampant in forums or general media thinking that they have no equals because they've made one game that borrowed mechanics from a well known cranchise and was filled to the brim with cliches and that's what Cliff did. If there is someone that needs to grow up that's you for blaming someone for being a PS3 fanboy automatically just because he doesn't like some man-child like Cliffy B. So please... Grow up.

JamieL2090d ago

Wow Black Trick, for someone who hates "annoying, loudmouth, know it all d-bags" you sure are walking dangerously close to becoming one yourself, or dare I say, have already become one. What exactly makes Cliff's douche baggery worse than yours?

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ritsuka6662090d ago

Cliff Bleszinski offers to help ‘fix’ Capcom’s Resident Evil series"

Bring back Shinji-mikami, not Cliff...

Awesome_Gamer2090d ago

Shinji-mikami please, Capcom.

oricon2090d ago

Shinji Mikami or Hideki Kamiya who did RE2 are the only 2 people i want to have work on RE, cliff can stay the hell away.

ShoryukenII2090d ago

I'd rather have Shinji Mikami do his own thing. At least he isn't bound by Capcom's chains.

2090d ago
Ak47Russia2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

NO! Capcom should hire back Shinji Mikami the creator of the first 2 Resident evil games and the BEST!

Resident evil was ruined because of his company's games like "Gears of war" Capcom wanted resident to be action like gears and they ruined it...

2090d ago
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Christopher2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Wow. Takes some cojones to say something like that.

Edit @ below: Gracias.

scofios2090d ago

Mikami would be a better opion to fix resident evil.

geddesmond2090d ago

Any fan could lay out the plans to bring back RE to its roots. I even have loads of ideas to do that including the type of dark setting it needs pictured in my head but I ain't a game developer. If any developer can do it then it would be the likes of Cliffy B.

What cliffy B should do instead is make his own survival horror game based on how he would do a RE game and let Capcom continue ruining themselfs

showtimefolks2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

capcom has no clue what to do so why not take a shot, it can't get any worst than resident evil 6


why not give it to naughty Dog, i'm sure they'll make it into a masterpiece

DeadlyFire2090d ago

No, no, no Nathan he would add chainsaws as well. Can't forget that.

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Hellsvacancy2091d ago

From the frying pan into the fire would be the way Resident Evil will go if that was to happen

Rocksteady should have a go

HammadTheBeast2090d ago

I'd just let some indie games makers, such as that of Amnesia or Slender to take over.

badz1492090d ago

they will make it feel like Amnesia, not RE then

nofallouthero2091d ago

if he can make it scary id play it

Angainor72091d ago

if this is the only way for Resident Evil to come back, then welcome.

vikingland12091d ago

Cliff is also a gamer and a fan of the series so who knows?