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Submitted by Lavalamp 1198d ago | news

Cliff Bleszinski offers to help ‘fix’ Capcom’s Resident Evil series

EDGE: "Former Epic design director Cliff Bleszinski has offered his services to Capcom to bring the ailing Resident Evil series back on track." (Cliff Bleszinski, Industry, Resident Evil)

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NYC_Gamer  +   1198d ago
I doubt Cliff could help bring Resident Evil back to its roots
bumnut  +   1198d ago
Maybe not, but im sure he would still do a great job.
lociefer  +   1198d ago
no Cliff, please dont puff Leon up, Chris muscles are enough to freak any1 from this game
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aCasualGamer  +   1198d ago
I would give Cliff Bleszinski Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, Code Veronica X, 4 and Outbreak 1&2.

I would then tell him to play these games without any external stimuli and/or disturbances.

Then i would tell him to reinterpret the vibe from the horror aspect of those games into a modern day Resident Evil horror game.

I would advise him to leave out any thought of bringing action into the gameplay.

Then i would just sit back an relax, and watch a miracle unfold.
snipes101  +   1198d ago

I doubt Cliff would do that to Leon - or to the game as a whole. With his leaving Epic games, I think that was an indication that he has grown tired of the generic meat-head marine fare and would be ready for something like this.

Also, The original Gears of War did manage to be kind of creepy in more than a few parts. Remember the downpour level? There were definitely a few horror aspects laced into that, however light they may be.
Blacktric  +   1198d ago
The guy who made a game that had similar mechanics as RE 4 with added muscular space marines, is going to "fix" Resident Evil. Oh I'm excited already. Can't wait for the forced bromances, and even more forced death scenes sprinkled on top of completely action based gameplay... Snobby bastard.
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bumnut  +   1198d ago
Ok, Im sure he would do a better job than the 13 people who gave me disagrees :)
nix  +   1198d ago
all we'll get is another copy cat of GeOW... oh wait!
doogiebear  +   1197d ago
How? By making it even more of a westernized, Gears of War rip-off then it already is?
CommonSense  +   1197d ago
that is such an immature comment.

just because he created gears of war, doesn't mean he is unable to make something entirely different.

The guys that created Rock n Roll Racing went on to create Warcraft. The guys that made Crash Bandicoot went on to make Uncharted.

Cliffy B is a really talented guy, and i can't tell you how annoying and childish it is that people hate on him just because he made a very successful franchise that didn't come to the PS3. grow up, please.
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Blacktric  +   1197d ago

Yes. I hate Cliffy B because Gears Of War never released on PS3. I think your common sense changes form and shape to fit whatever society you're in (in this case, the mentality of a PS3 fanboy I'm guessing).

"The guys that created Rock n Roll Racing went on to create Warcraft. The guys that made Crash Bandicoot went on to make Uncharted."

None of which were annoying, loudmouth, know it all d-bags to begin with. They created amazing games and went on to create equally better ones instead of going rampant in forums or general media thinking that they have no equals because they've made one game that borrowed mechanics from a well known cranchise and was filled to the brim with cliches and that's what Cliff did. If there is someone that needs to grow up that's you for blaming someone for being a PS3 fanboy automatically just because he doesn't like some man-child like Cliffy B. So please... Grow up.
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1197d ago
He'd make the whole game like Chris' campaign.
JamieL  +   1197d ago
Wow Black Trick, for someone who hates "annoying, loudmouth, know it all d-bags" you sure are walking dangerously close to becoming one yourself, or dare I say, have already become one. What exactly makes Cliff's douche baggery worse than yours?
ritsuka666  +   1198d ago
Cliff Bleszinski offers to help ‘fix’ Capcom’s Resident Evil series"

Bring back Shinji-mikami, not Cliff...
Awesome_Gamer  +   1198d ago
Shinji-mikami please, Capcom.
oricon  +   1198d ago
Shinji Mikami or Hideki Kamiya who did RE2 are the only 2 people i want to have work on RE, cliff can stay the hell away.
ShoryukenII  +   1198d ago
I'd rather have Shinji Mikami do his own thing. At least he isn't bound by Capcom's chains.
yeah0kchief   1197d ago | Spam
Ak47Russia  +   1197d ago
NO! Capcom should hire back Shinji Mikami the creator of the first 2 Resident evil games and the BEST!

Resident evil was ruined because of his company's games like "Gears of war" Capcom wanted resident to be action like gears and they ruined it...
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yeah0kchief   1197d ago | Spam
Christopher  +   1198d ago
Wow. Takes some cojones to say something like that.

Edit @ below: Gracias.
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MrChow666  +   1198d ago
cojones, not cajones
scofios  +   1198d ago
Mikami would be a better opion to fix resident evil.
geddesmond  +   1198d ago
Any fan could lay out the plans to bring back RE to its roots. I even have loads of ideas to do that including the type of dark setting it needs pictured in my head but I ain't a game developer. If any developer can do it then it would be the likes of Cliffy B.

What cliffy B should do instead is make his own survival horror game based on how he would do a RE game and let Capcom continue ruining themselfs
showtimefolks  +   1197d ago
capcom has no clue what to do so why not take a shot, it can't get any worst than resident evil 6
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LUCKYXS7LEVEN  +   1197d ago
why not give it to naughty Dog, i'm sure they'll make it into a masterpiece
DeadlyFire  +   1197d ago
No, no, no Nathan he would add chainsaws as well. Can't forget that.
Hellsvacancy  +   1198d ago
From the frying pan into the fire would be the way Resident Evil will go if that was to happen

Rocksteady should have a go
HammadTheBeast  +   1198d ago
I'd just let some indie games makers, such as that of Amnesia or Slender to take over.
badz149  +   1197d ago
that will only make RE lost it's identity altogether
they will make it feel like Amnesia, not RE then
nofallouthero  +   1198d ago
if he can make it scary id play it
Angainor7  +   1198d ago
if this is the only way for Resident Evil to come back, then welcome.
vikingland1  +   1198d ago
Cliff is also a gamer and a fan of the series so who knows?
Vandamme21  +   1198d ago
RE6 is a fun ass has it's negative..but at the end of the's mad fun.
cleft5  +   1198d ago
Completely agree. Also considering that this game is selling well the game is hardly broken, a great deal of people enjoy it. There are a few ideas and gameplay mechanics that need to be refined, but Capcom will gain nothing by going back to it's roots. The truth is that if they want mainstream success they need to continue down this route and just refine the poor areas.

The ideas they are experimenting with in multiplayer coop could lead to a truly amazing space. I loved playing the Ada campaign and intersecting with other people game to help them beat bosses. Honestly, the intersecting feature is one of the most innovative mechanics in a while, yet Capcom get no credit for it. Capcom is on to something really amazing and innovative, they just need to ignore the pointless fanboys obsessed with RE4, and trust their gut and continue down the path they are taking.

The worst thing they could do is give the series over to CliffyB. If that guy wants to make a horror game than he should go create his own game and stop over stepping his place.
kratos17  +   1197d ago
the game didn't sell so well because the changes to the game, it was because resident evil is such a well established franchise among millions of fans.
Treian  +   1198d ago
games can be fun. nothing wrong with that. But the game is not a RE game. That's why fans hate it.
Vandamme21  +   1198d ago
It is an RE has zombies
Treian  +   1198d ago
Let go through the list:
- full of QTEs
- forced co-op 24/7 (no option for no ai partner)
- controls and camera don't work well
- Jake's and Chris's parts don't belong in an RE game (Uncharted and Gears of War)
- too linear
- graphics are not up to snuff for this generation just compare the game to RE5
- story is nothing special

Do I need to go on?
LapDance1974  +   1198d ago
"games can be fun. nothing wrong with that. But the game is not a RE game. That's why fans hate it."

Well said, could not agree more.
ape007  +   1198d ago
agree 100%, the attack on that game was very strange, the game has it's good and bad moments, the story and pacing is very intense and it has lot of material in it, I'd give it 8 to 8.5
Alos88  +   1198d ago
I don't think the Micheal Bay of videogames is going to take RE back to it's roots personally.
kwicksandz  +   1198d ago
the man invented jazz jackrabbit. he has my vote
snipes101  +   1198d ago
I think the folks over at Infinity Ward are more the Micheal Bay's of the video game world than Cliff is.
Marquis_de_Sade  +   1198d ago
A poor and unnecessary comparison. Cliff may not produce games to your particular taste, but, unlike Mr Bay, his creative output has received both critical and commercial success, as opposed to simply the latter.
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Alos88  +   1198d ago
All he specializes in is action. I'd say it's a more apt comparison than you are willing to admit.
_LarZen_  +   1198d ago
Capcom is affraid that making a "old school" Resident Evil game will sell to little. That is why they have made them action oriented....

I hope they will with or without Bleszinski take a risk and make a really scarry "old school" Reident Evil game.

If they do I hope every RE fan runs out and buy a copy to support and show Capcom that this is what the fans want.
snipes101  +   1198d ago
The thing is that they don't have to go back to the archaic tank controls of the old Resident Evils to make a scary resident evil. Resi 4 and the original Dead Space show that you can have a game with functional controls that still frightens. I suppose you could throw Condemned into that lot as well.
SAE  +   1198d ago
Worth a try if you ask me , it's better then let them continue with the action path
ZeroX9876  +   1198d ago
Maybe cliff could bring some interesting ideas at capcom. I'm sure hoping someone changes how resident evil plays.
I don't have any problem not having bad controls, bad controls are not what's make a survival game, but you have to be weak and there's a need of some consequences when you die.

The cover system in RE6 didn't make sense at all, you can't even crouch when you want to!!! so many times I got killed at pro difficulty because of cover problems.

also where were all the puzzles? less linear pls
The story was good, but the gameplay suffered.
newn4gguy  +   1198d ago
RE5 comes out...

We want zombies!
We want to move while shooting!
We want more of the original story!

RE6 comes out...

Nevermind. We don't want any of that, for some reason.

I just don't get gamers.
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Daver  +   1198d ago
Not defending anyone but "zombies" in RE6 are barely zombies.
Rynocirator  +   1198d ago
zombies in resident evil in general are barely zombies they are all mutations...has been since day one...resident evil has always been about the mutations not the zombies I don't understand why people complain that 4, 5, and 6 aren't resident evil enough...they are as resident evil as they have ever been imo. 6 isn't the best but it sure as hell isn't the worst....resident evil 1 had a hell of a lot more glaring problems than resident evil 6
Daver  +   1198d ago
well at least zombies didnt have rocket launcher in older RE
Horny  +   1198d ago
I just replayed resident Evil 1 two days ago and the only real problem it had was the awful voice acting.
Every issue part one had was fixed with the remake which still to this day is amazing. I even love the controls and static camera angles because those add to the atmosphere of the game.

Rynocirator you are right about the zombies and mutations. Resident Evil since the first has been about Bio Terrorism and the virus was used as a weapon. Wesker created tyrant as the ultimate BOW but the virus got out and too much attention was brought up against umbrella. That is why they wanted to eliminate the STARS because they knew too much.

Daver, Nemesis had a rocket launcher, although he is a type of tyrant. Those new zombies were just more advanced BOWs and not just a spread of infection like the zombies in the originals where.
#11.1.3 (Edited 1198d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
Lord_Sloth  +   1198d ago
For the last goddamn time, those aren't ZOMBIES! They're J'avo! Leon fights the zombies, Chris and Jake fight the J'avo!
cleft5  +   1198d ago
I get them, they love to whine and hate on particular companies. Right now it's cool to hate on Capcom, so no matter what Capcom does it will be viewed negatively. I remember a story about how the outfits in RE6 made it so you couldn't take the game seriously. Then there was another story complaining about not being able to use outfits in the campaign. Hopefully, companies like Capcom have learned to ignore a lot of feedback.
SilentNegotiator  +   1198d ago
We want zombies (that don't carry Rocket launchers)!

We want to move while shooting (like RE4, not GeOW)!

We want more of the original story (without it being butchered)!

Don't blame gamers for Capcom not understanding what their audience meant (obvious things).
Monstar  +   1197d ago
when do zombies carry weapons in RE6? those aren't f'en zombies, they are the j'avo's...a new inteligent strain of virus, which gives them more human like abilities.

You don't even know what a zombie looks like. Bravo.
SilentNegotiator  +   1197d ago
"The creatures you face"

Better? Now stop being such a condescending dork. No one is impressed with your knowledge of a fictional creature.
#11.3.2 (Edited 1197d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
majedx9  +   1198d ago
zombies with guns!!!
Monstar  +   1197d ago
At what part do zombies use guns? do you know the difference between a f'en zombie and the new evolved inteligent virus mutation of the j'avo's?

At NO point do zombies (leons campaign) carry guns.
CDzNutts  +   1197d ago
Woah there newn4gguy....
We said we wanted these things.........done well.

We don't want crappy zombies.
We don't want crappy movement while shooting.
We don't want crappy bits from the original story.

The things you listed in and of themselves can either be done well or done poorly. Capcom gave us all of these things done poorly.

All of which aren't anything new, and things we've seen in other games.....done well.

Didn't know that had to be spelled out. Reasonable assumption make this obvious.
JamieL  +   1197d ago
This comment really just makes you look overly picky to be honest. Like a confused frustrated 9 year old. This sounds like my son in whining mode. Why do people feel like a game should be exactly how they want it? That is just unrealistic.
Fan: “we want to move and shoot.”
Capcom gives it to them
Fan: “We don't want crappy movement while shooting.”

LOL, that’s just childish to me.
This generation feels so entitled to everything. It makes me sick, and sad because of the world my kids have to grow up in.
One more question for CDz,
Out of all the things that fans ask for, that they changed, that are not good enough for YOU, why do you feel they should have made those changes the way You want it, and why is it not good enough for YOU? What makes your opinion so much more important than the rest of the world? Yes, I know that this is the popular opinion, and you are not the only one who feel this way by a long shot. This question is just to get your reasoning for thinking a game should live up to your standards, and if not it’s “crappy”?
I am not saying your opinion is not valid or anything like that, you just come on here blasting someone who's opinion is different than yours, and I just want to know why you think your opinion is more valid?
#11.5.1 (Edited 1197d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
newn4gguy  +   1197d ago
You guys haven't played any of the old games, have you? The entire point of Umbrella creating the virus was to weaponize the zombies, hence zombies with guns.

Did you miss that VERY important plot point?

Moving and shooting like RE4 was what we had in RE5. You all complained about it. You wanted Dead Space/Gears of War shooting. So, they gave it to us.

There is no pleasing you people.
CDzNutts  +   1197d ago
Again, you missed the point above...
JamieL  +   1197d ago
@ new
You didn't miss a point, you missed a self entitled opinion.
Venox2008  +   1198d ago
Gears of evil? :) nooo thanks
Rynocirator  +   1198d ago
I don't want cliffy b anywhere near my resident evil
MidnytRain  +   1198d ago
You mean that decrepit shell of its former self? I think it needs all the help it can get.
Rynocirator  +   1198d ago
cliffy b has little to no talent...I would prefer the current resident evil over what cliffy b has to offer
ILive  +   1198d ago
That is very arrogant and rude. Its like a slap in the face to all the people who put many hours into making the game. Its like Angelo telling Blake I can help you make your painting better. There is a reason the painting is the way it is and there is a reason resident evil 6 is the way it is. Lets say he did fix it. It would be more like cliffs vision as opposed to Capcoms.
wishingW3L  +   1198d ago
Capcom's vison? All they did for RE6 was copying popular shooters like Call of Duty and Gears of War only worse... Shooting mechanics and cover system are nowhere near to any of those games and not to mention the tacky QTEs.
#14.1 (Edited 1198d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Crazay  +   1198d ago
Don't like QTE? Might want to avoid Assassins Creed 3 then. There are some QTE in that game.
cleft5  +   1198d ago
Completely agree. On another note, I think CliffyB was forced to retire from Epic or get fired. People like this guy rarely give up powerful positions unless they have no other choice. They need to have their egos constantly feed.
Marquis_de_Sade  +   1198d ago
I find that hard to believe, he was pretty much the public face of epic and an integral part of one of the most critically and commercially successful series of this generation.
#14.2.1 (Edited 1198d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
gano  +   1198d ago
hell no.
there is nothing he can do with it.
The sec he touch it, consider it officialy dead.
Screw any revival formulas. If the creator or past teams are not in it
what the hell could he do.
Better idea hey cliffy make your own zombie game.
wait was gears....
#15 (Edited 1198d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Spenok  +   1198d ago
Oh god this would be the idea ever. He doesn't know the first thing about story. How could he 'fix' this series? All he know's is ridiculously built males FULL of testosterone, and action. Please stay away from this series.
Marquis_de_Sade  +   1198d ago
Know, that's not all he knows, Cliff Bleszinski has also been involved in Lost Planet, Fat Princess, Jazz Jackrabbit, Brothers in Arms and Shadow Complex amongst others. You're clearly rather ignorant.
Spenok  +   1197d ago
It's funny I find myself agreeing with you. I had NO idea he worked on some of these titles. Much less Fat Princess (however this one IMO doesn't help his case too much lol).

However he is KNOWN for titles like the one I mentioned in my first post. Though still I concede your point, and rescind 'most' of what I have to say. Though I still think he should stay away from RE.
amaguli  +   1198d ago
If Capcom is dead set on staying on the action route for Resident Evil, then why not? The man knows how to make action games, but that is only if Capcom wants to stay on the road it is on.
kupomogli  +   1198d ago
Resident Evil is never going back to its roots unfortunately, so instead of RE7 and onward being crappy third person shooters, may as well make them good third person shooter.
ApolloTheBoss  +   1198d ago
Oh god no, cliff, no, no, no, don't do it, NO!!
ninjahunter  +   1198d ago
Lol, Leon, gears of war style!
Apply steroids until his ankles are bigger than his feet XD

You know what, if they just copy pasted resident evil 4 i would be a happy camper. the previous games, did not age well in a single aspect so going back to the roots would just kill the series. But resident evil 4, man... everybody loved resident evil 4.
Crazay  +   1198d ago
For me, Resident Evil 4 is the worst game in the series followed closely by 5.
dragonrage00  +   1198d ago
What?! Even if you are a die hard old school resident evil fan how the hell is RE5 better than RE4? I can see how someone would like RE6 better, they at least got the setting somewhat right. But RE5? Its pretty much worse in every way.
SegataShanshiro  +   1197d ago
youre completely right, RE4 opened the floodgates of non-fans....ask anyone you know (not on the internet)which RE game is their favourite, and if the have played 1 2 or 3 and the answers will be Resident evil 4 and NO
Megaton  +   1198d ago
Steroids, grunting and extreme levels of dudebro incoming.
Knight_Crawler  +   1197d ago
Have you played RE6?

There is a bike jumping over a SPINNING helicopter blade LOL and a tank chasing you in a mansion LMFAo!!!

Trust Cliffy B would be doing this game a favour.
#21.1 (Edited 1197d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
InTheLab  +   1198d ago
Adding a few dick jokes is hardly what I'd call "fixing"...
WeskerChildReborned  +   1198d ago
Just cause it plays like Gears doesn't make it Gears Cliff, you can't fix this game.
a_bro  +   1198d ago
he'll fix it by adding a chainsaw gun into it, oh wait, that will make it a GeoW clone LOL
Crazay  +   1198d ago
I can't see what Cliff "Needs More Cover Based Gun Play" Bleszinski can bring to the table for this title. If Capcom wants to fix it they need only to look at what made the series so successful. Tension building atmosphere. The closest thing to Resident evil that they've released in the last few years was Leon's campaign in RE6. The rest of them were action titles. not survival horror in the least.

Get away from the lame corporate scheming and all the random mutations and give us back Resident Evil the way it was created in the first place.

Unless Cliff B wants to do those things, I'd take a pass if I were them.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1198d ago
What does he even really know about survival horror? Cause that is the only way RE will get back on track with the fans.
clearelite  +   1197d ago
something, something, boobs? of course!

I do agree with most of your comment.

Something happens when games become mainstream and build momentum in the wrong directions.

They consider it a risk to take a game back to it's roots for various reasons.

to abandon a what made a game special(and actually good) in favor of catering to a "wider demographic" is risky business.

I find it safer in many cases to continue making a product with integrity, rather than eventually isolating everyone.

People asking for an early next gen will cause only more of this trouble if high production costs cant be curbed first.
#25.2 (Edited 1197d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Klonopin  +   1198d ago
No thanks cliff, you'll just douche up the series even more. There is only one man who can resurrect the dead and his name is Shinji Mikami.
jc48573  +   1198d ago
I really don't know what Cliff can do to "fix" the series though, unless he really has better ideas. Aside from that, this means that Capcom will have to contract him. Cliff will probably have to spend years over at Japan, so if he has the dedication to do so then I guess it's ok.
sly-Famous  +   1198d ago
I wonder what Hideo would do with the series? anyway westerners dont know how to make "scary", just gore.
jc48573  +   1198d ago
something I really am not a fan of too.
dragonrage00  +   1198d ago
The hell with Cliff. Capcom should call the developers of "Amnesia: The Dark Descent".
Knight_Crawler  +   1197d ago
Kojima would turn it into a cut scene borefest and put tight spandex on Leon so we can so his junk.
Imalwaysright  +   1197d ago
Maybe Capcom should give the direction of RE to you. Im sure that even the the developers of ET and Superman 64 would laugh in your face and look down on you.
SnakeCQC  +   1198d ago
*cliff walks into capcom board room*
"you guys need chainsaws on your guns, all of them!"
Monstar  +   1197d ago
Gears of War's chainsaw...was all influenced by RE4's sackhead chainsaw massacre dude. Hell if it wasn't for RE4 gears wouldn't be the gears it is now.
abzdine  +   1198d ago
ohh no please stay where you are just let it as it is
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