Why Next Generation Can’t Wait

"With a Wii U that’s only slightly better than current generation consoles (and bogged down by its gimmicks, on top of that), the potential of next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft is still filling the media with buzz. What will the graphics look like? Which engines will run best?"

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nrvalleytime2156d ago

I'm not sure what you mean by "gimmicks" for the Wii U. Nintendo's never promoted it's product as the most powerful system, but as an approachable and friendly console. It's not so much a gimmick as it is simply another approach to gaming.

Additionally, while I'm looking forward to the next wave of consoles, there are far too many games from this generation that deserve to be played. To be sure - the new consoles (whatever they may be called) will be great. But getting there too quickly might just hurt those of us who don't mind extended time between consoles.

Hatsune-Miku2156d ago

The gaming industry is in a slump and down more than 30% so next gen consoles are needed now. The Wii u will do little since It's seen as being a console that is like the xbox 360 and being late to the generation. When people are asking if the Wii u is a next gen console that mean its not in the sense of being a generational leap of the best they've already seen on current consoles.

I can't wait for the xbox 720 and ps4

browngamer412156d ago

That's because people are trolls..when the 360 came out it had the most butt ugly graphics around for a next gen system..look at it now..when the U starts pumping out amazing visuals then you can eat some crow-I don't know what people are expecting with the Next box and Ps4 but I wouldn't be holding my breath with development cost being the way they are now days.As far as the controller goes I'm hyped for it as are many others(obviously with all the pre-orders sold out)and don't find it "gimmicky" at all, I'll especially be enjoying of TV play- why isn't the Ps3/Vita combo or Smartglass considered a gimmick? The U will have the features built in and out of the box..

Hatsune-Miku2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

When the xbox 360 was released its graphics were far above ps2s. It had games with better physics , animations, and graphics. The graphics got better over time but they weren't close to last gen. The Wii u has games with worse graphics than what is standard for hd consoles of today.

Silly people also always love to bring up production cost of games to being a reason why "next gen consoles" won't be way more powerful than the Wii u or xbox 360. The gaming industry is in a slump where its down over 30 percent and its on the decline monthly. Look at mgs ground zeros or watch dogs which are next gen games and you'll quickly realize where next gen systems will be. I know a few people might think they will be in its current forms on this gens hd systems but it won't unless they are severely downgraded .

Core gamers are the ones that run the gaming industry and they are waiting for proper next gen consoles which are more advanced than what they are use to. Other than Nintendo fans there aren't a lot of people excited for a Wii u. The Wii u is weak and the truth of the matter is that core gamers that are in the know thinks its a gimmick because of being burnt ny the Wii. Also core gamers see it as being as powerful as a xbox 360 despite it being a bit more powerful.

The games being released in the Wii u launch Window looks like xbox 360 games with others looking like Wii games. All the dancing around using code language and try to avoid the obvious is silly. The Wii u is seen as a gimmick like Wii that lacked proper controls and core games and is weak.

Core gamers want next gen systems that are a generation above the best available now on consoles and not just a Wii upgrade

They want xbox 720 and ps4

LX-General-Kaos2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

The Nintendo Wii U entertainment system could not have come at a greater time. Current generation platforms are technologically showing their age.

As the well of current generation titles continues to dry, Nintendo has taken the 1st shot to save the industry. Today we live in a world with maxed out consoles, and tacked on accessories, while some successful, some rival the liking of the Sega 32X. Developers have pretty much given it their all this generation with most titles seeing up to 4 releases on the same platform. Maximizing current generation platforms while at the same time begging and pleading for a new canvas to show their potential quality work. The Nintendo Wii U entertainment system will fill the dark void as that new canvas.

The lack of ram, and disc space for some have hindered development for past and likely future current generation titles. Consoles seem to now be bursting from all corners as developers struggle to harness what bit of current generation power remain untapped. Which is not very much at all at this point in time.

On top of the struggle. Console manufacturers are now adding last minute touch screen accessories to their product to keep up with the future release of the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. As of now it looks as if they know good and well that Nintendo had the right idea and they have chosen to go the same rout. The only problem is that no other touch screen options on competing platforms are offered as standard, which will likely alienate many fans. Another reason why next generation is desperately needed. Current generations platforms are simply not equipped for the future. Even though a percentage of the functionality is there for some, its potential will not be realized due to developers having little to no reason to equip their games with said functions for current generation titles.

A lot of the current generation titles today have pushed the platforms so far that titles are packed with frame rate issues. screen tearing, multiple discs, cut content, nasty jaggies and low resolutions. Resolutions that go well under the True HD standard that we were promised many years ago. Promises that were forcefully and rightfully sacrificed in the name of performance. At a time we were promised True HD gaming at 120 frames per second in 4D. The amount of ram placed in current generation consoles made it impossible for that promise to come to reality.

Heres looking forward to the advanced technical specs of the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system and beyond.

Rated E For Everyone

MikeMyers2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

There are a few reasons why going to next generation can be a good thing. One is it can bring new attitudes and fresh ideas. Right now we are in a bit of a glut of games as far as new ideas and innovation. A common excuse of not bringing out fresh IP's is that it's late in the cycle. I personally think anytime is a good time but if it takes new hardware then so be it. Another reason is the current tech can hinder what they want to do. Whether it be DVD's and having to swap disks or RAM constraints. The past 6 or 7 years has seen growth in what's now possible with new technology.

One thing is clear though, it doesn't take new hardware to magically make great games. Great games are still being made now, even within the indie scene with much smaller projects and limited budgets.

(to LX-General-Kaos above)

Nintendo isn't going to wow us with technology. The age of the current systems will not be dwarfed by the capabilities of the Wii U. Rather if the Wii U does outshine current systems it will be because of a different approach to how those games are played. Adding a new control scheme with the Gamepad to an existing title like Mass Effect 3 and then charging consumers $60 again won't set the world on fire. The PS3 and Vita can already replicate many of the capabilities of the Wii U now, same with the IPad. The difference being is the Wii U will be built around the Gamepad, therefore making those gameplay features the norm. Nintendo will try and mainstream an innovation in gaming already out there.

That video is over a year old.

Qrphe2155d ago


"The Nintendo Wii U entertainment system could not have come at a greater time."

Actually the best time would have been a year or two ago right before the Wii plummeted (which was when we expected the Wii HD anyway).

stragomccloud2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

Do I not repeatedly tell people to ignore this troll that is painfully in love with Nintendo? Don't feed it, and it will starve.

You guys, you are being trolled, nothing more. No one is truly as foolish or as idiotic as this person is pretending to be.

Kudos Hatsune Miku, you have my respect for being one of the most persistent and unrelenting trolls on the net. It's amazing the dedication you put into it as well.

To everyone else!!!
Let's try to at least pretend we're actually gamers here, who do what gamers do best. Which is play games regardless of console.

herbs2155d ago Show
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quantae062155d ago

@Hatsune-Miku The XBOX 360 was in HD but the PS2/XBOX/GC was using 480i so of course it looked better. But the graphics looked like upscaled resolution XBOX games at launch.

herbs2154d ago

Wow who's the little bitch who reports my well thought out rebuttals as personal attacks. You sir are a coward for that, a little coward bitch you know who you are.

quantae062155d ago

@ Hatsune-Miku The XBOX 360 uses HD while the PS2/XBOX/GC uses 480i so of course it looks better. But the launch XBOX 360 games looked like upscaled resolution XBOX games.

herbs2154d ago

I called out Hatsune-Miku so effectivily that he had to hide my comment lol.

chadboban2155d ago

I'm looking forward to all next generation consoles.

And yes, that includes the Wii U.

Sucitta2155d ago

Only poor people and children (poor kids) care about this system or that system.

Like you, I'll be buying every system that appeals to me as a gamer. Ive picked up the Vita/3DS, I have a ps3/360 and I'll be buying the WiiU, NextBox and ps4, and I'll enjoy all of them = )

Fanboy is a polite term for "ignorant and on a budget"

2155d ago
DivineAssault 2155d ago

Nx gen is on the horizon.. There was a good chunk of games shown at E3 that are for nx gen.. Some of which were already announced as nx gen software & thats just what we know about.. Devs are waiting on sony/ms to get the machines ready & when they are, there will be lots of software ready to release..

What really bothers me is why werent any of them for wii u? & if they were, why are devs saying its for nx gen consoles & not at all acknowledge wii u.. Its nx gen right?

leogets2155d ago

Nah the wii u is only a little more powerfull then current gen console. To be nxt gen itll have to be a little better than pc. Thats the history anyway.things r moving at a faster pace so I doubt nxt gen consoles will be as good as current gen pc.

metroidfusion22155d ago

Hatsune miku and divine assault will always be stupid lol do your research its as simple as that and the wii u defecates on this gen and next gen just you dumbass kids wait and see how about that you don't know the future so keep crying your tears are delicious ha

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