Target Changes the PS Vita’s Price–Twice

"Recently Target lowered its 3G PS Vita Launch Bundle from $299.99 to a staggering $179.99–that’s a $120 price drop! I personally went to a Target to confirm the price, but throughout the purchase it was clear that Target had made a mistake with the price change. Employees did everything they could to keep me from actually buying it–from claiming it had a different serial number (it plainly had the same number on the box and the website) to attempting to peel off the features sticker which proved it was the same product. "

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JoGam2064d ago

So what ur trying to say is theres nothing to see here? Keep it moving people.

FlameHawk2064d ago

This article is pointless, it was just a mistake made by target.

soljah2064d ago

yep saw this deal online last nite. in for 1 before price was changed back. got my shipping confirmation today 179.99 plus 8.50 shipping. to good to pass up with a 8 gig memory card included.
i know i will get uncharted and i have all the pinball arcades packs on ps3 so they should be free to download right? any other good adventure games to get?

jujubee882064d ago

"Ragnarok Odysee" is coming tommorow. Buy dat!!

remanutd552064d ago

Gravity Rush is pretty good but to me Little Big Planet is by far the best vita game so far, nothing comes even close in my opinion.

rpd1232064d ago

Definitely Assassins Creed 3 Liberation. Comes out tomorrow.

soljah2064d ago

thanks for all the suggestions.
just might have to get lbp vita. already own 1 and 2 and seems like with the community making levels game should last a long time.
so how does it work. if i am going on a trip do you just download a bunch of community levels to your memory card and then play them on the plane? or do you need to be online.

spok222064d ago

ya you can download lbp levels onto your vita. :)

rpd1232064d ago

No problem. LBP Vita is a great one too. Really you can't go wrong between all the games mentioned.

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aquamala2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

yep got the 3G/Wifi with 8GB card for $179.99 plus tax plus $7 shipping. mine didn't get cancelled, it's shipped with a tracking number now. this was all over cheapassgamer/slickdeals

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The story is too old to be commented.