Hot Hardware: ASUS U6S Notebook Review

Hot Hardware writes:

"Overall, the ASUS U6S is a great notebook that speaks of refinement and quality. From the deep, shimmering paint scheme and genuine leather accents to the no-compromise specifications and refined manners, the U6S is unmistakably a luxury device. Just about the only thing that doesn't scream of excess and indulgence is the U6S's modest price of $1649.99.

Yes, the U6S does have below average battery life for an ultra portable, but don't let that scare you away. With so many advantages, you may well be able to overlook the U6S' one weakness and enjoy one of the best values in the luxury notebook niche. It's clear that ASUS' wide exposure to the notebook retail market is long overdue and the U6S is evidence that they have something special to offer."

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