GameTap: Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Preview - Multiplayer that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Thierry Nguyen and Giancarlo Varanini of GameTap writes: If you like the online play in the original Rainbow Six Vegas-a squad-based first-person shooter depicting the exploits of an elite anti-terrorism unit in Las Vegas-then Ubisoft hopes you like what it has to offer in the sequel. Many of the popular multiplayer features from the original will be returning along with a number of new features, including two reward systems.

As you play through the game in multiplayer, your avatar (which is almost completely customizable down to the face) is rewarded with experience points that not only increase your rank but also open up new customization options, such as new camo. There's another reward system called ACES, which essentially gives you points for playing tactically in three categories-close quarters battles, marksmanship, and assault. If you make a head-shot, you're rewarded with points in marksmanship, or if you kill multiple enemies at once, you get assault points. These points then go towards opening new weapons.

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