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Forza franchise this generation is driving with more success, managing to impose Gran Turismo which unfortunately failed to impress despite the long production time. Along with Halo, Forza is one of the Xbox guys and Horizon is trying to bring a new concept for Forza, removing it from the tracks and taking him to the open roads of Colorado. In the hands of Playground Games will this change worked, or Turn 10 have made a bad choice putting the license in the hands of another studio?
Driving games in open world are rare, Need For Speed ​​license that perhaps more tried to invest in this concept but opted to put a little aside, giving the player the ability to choose just the races as you normally would if the game does not was open world. However Forza manages to make the concept fun, giving us an open road to go with good scenarios and in order to join the festival Horizon, a kind of Burning Man stickers.

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Blankman852087d ago

Gran who? Forza is all about quality, Horizon is no different

combocaster2087d ago

Gran Turismo was the king of racing sims on consoles. It's actually sad to see they took so long to make GT5 and it didn't live up to the hype.

darthv722087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

I think many would argue that GT IS still the king of the "sim" racer. I myself never cared for all the customization that GT players would get so deeply involved with.

that doesnt mean I didnt like the games. Quite the contrary. I am more of a pick up and play racing fan. Which is why I think there is room for both Forza and GT games.

Each offers what the other has but they do their own subtle differences too. We have long since passed the days of simple racing games like pole position and have had an ever increasing complexity towards the customization aspect.

I can respect those who really get into that. So long as forza (and GT) have a jump in and play mode I am all over that.

Forza has impressed me with how much it has grown over the short amount of time and is doing the 360 racing fans a just desert when it comes to satisfying that sim/arcade feel like GT has been doing for PS fans.

The series has earned the respect it deserves from racing fans no matter the platform.

combocaster2087d ago

Problem is GT5 was not as groundbreaking as we thought it would be. Forza and GT5 are probably on the same level of quality and that way i can't say GT is still the king of console sims. I still love the feeling GT has more than Forza, but comparing both in gameplay and features i can't say GT is ahead. That's all.

JellyJelly2087d ago

I love Forza 4 but I'm picking up NFS Most Wanted instead of Horizon. The demo didn't impress me. Might get it at a later date though.

Hicken2087d ago

Yes, let's now compare what is essentially a Need For Speed ripoff arcade racer to a racing sim. That makes SO much sense...

Not to say that Forza is bad; far from it. But as a simulator, Forza is still behind Gran Turismo. Horizon, even more of an arcade racer than your standard Forza, continues that.

I'd say "sorry" that you were disappointed in GT5, but I'm not sorry, any more that it's likely you actually played more than a few seconds of the game. I mean, I could play the same game: being disappointed because Forza only gave me daytime racing, with no night racing or even racing in different weather. I mean, that makes more sense than dropping points off GT for not having "livery customization," which isn't necessary or even expected from a sim.

You know, I expect a thousand disagrees because this is a Microsoft article and I'm "talking bad" about a 360-only game. But this foolishness needs to stop. You guys are disappointed that Gran Turismo isn't Forza, which is stupid, since Forza came out as an answer to GT.

Oh, well. Live in your delusional world all you want. You guys just hope Forza 5 next year reaches 2 million in sales.

beerkeg2087d ago

It's a game where you race cars, and apparently it's really good at that. All this 'sim' talk makes me laugh, no car racing sim on consoles holds a candle to a real car racing sim which can only be found on pc.

When Gran Turismo is as realistic as they are then you can talk about 'sims'. Until then Gran Turismo is just another driving game on a console.

KMCROC2087d ago

This game is addictive ,can't stop playing.MS need to buy Playground games & let them to continue open world racing game maybe even let them try their hand at bringing back PGR. Turn10 can continue the circuit racing. 3 in house racing game how cool would that be.

iistuii2087d ago

Agree. Ive not had as much fun since PGR2. Forget the so called "sim" id rather this kind of racer any day. Addictive, Fun, Looks great, Cant ask for more. Haters stick to the dull GT5, iistuii on PSN look it up, ive finished everything apart from the 24hr races, & IMO it doesn't hold a candle to Horizon.

Leathersoup2087d ago

Forza Horizon must be what Project Gotham racing became. Most of the people out there wanted a game like Project Gotham but with the handling of a Forza sim and I think that Horizon is pretty much the best meld of the two that you can expect.