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Submitted by OliverKO 1126d ago | news

Nintendo Wii U price officially announced for South Africa, ZombiU bundle also revealed

El33tonline writes:

"With the formal global release date announcements for the Nintendo’s Wii U, only a few regions were lucky enough to receive official pricing information for the two versions of the home console, and gamers in Europe and South Africa have been desperately seeking out any scrap of information they can find to prepare their pockets for Nintendo’s next device.

Today, however, we’ve received official word from Nintendo South Africa regarding a formal announcement of prices for both the Premium and Basic versions of the Wii U in the country." (Nintendo, Wii U)

auragenz  +   1126d ago
So glad we all got Nintendoland bundled instead of ZombiU. Man, South Africa must be so pissed right now. /sarcasm
OliverKO  +   1126d ago
Haha, nice ;)

We're also getting the Nintendoland bundle (the Premium version), but there's an additional ZombiU bundle for a little more. It'll be interesting to see how quickly that bundle sells out versus the Premium and Basic editions.

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